Dylan was still working a 9-5 finance job in Florida when a youtube video caught his intrigue. The Youtuber, Ebay Kirk, was explaining how he makes a living off of buying items on Ebay and then flipping them for a higher price. Dylan was already somewhat of a part time thrifter, but seeing this lead him down a rabbit hole. Pretty soon he was making 50-60 grand flipping items each year, and the success lead him to eventually leave his job and pursue online reselling full time at age 29.

As Dylan’s personal success grew, he realized there was an even bigger market to tap into. Everyone wants a little extra cash on the side, and with Dylan’s tips and software tools, they too can make serious money reselling. Converting his very insulated processes into accessible content was a challenging task, but after months of work, Dylan created FlipFlip, a paid online community for all things reselling.

The trouble with scaling

With new members pouring into FlipFlip every day, Dylan needed a platform that could allow him to scale his business. Specifically, he needed assistance with handling the growing number of customer questions, as well as a platform to streamline subscriptions and community access.

Whop lends a hand

Dylan setup his FlipFlip storefront on Whop. With one click, new members could pay and immediately get access to his online community. Revenue and churn stats were now being tracked in real time through whop’s business dashboard, and their 24/7 customer support was able to handle any customer questions within minutes.


$1,000,000 in revenue
Since signing up on Whop in November of 2022, FlipFlip has processed nearly 1 million dollars in payments. The revenue boost allows Dylan to offer more tools for his members and stay one step ahead in a rapidly changing market.

175 referrals
Whop’s affiliate system gives each FlipFlip member their own link to refer friends and make a percentage off of their membership. Dylan’s program is so successful that he’s earning an extra $10,000 per month purely off of referred members. Plus, with Whop streamlining affiliate link creation and payouts, all he needs to do is spread the word.

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