Reselling sneakers is more than just a hobby - for many, it is a lifestyle. With sneaker reselling, the most passionate sneakerheads find the latest trends in shoewear and streetwear, often flipping shoes as a way to fund their fashion. However, for those who want to take their sneaker reselling game to the next level, there are plenty of opportunities to turn this interest into a money-making machine.

Yet, in 2024, shoe reselling isn’t as simple as it once was, so it is worth getting advice and guidance from seasoned vets now more than ever.

Here at Whop we have just the thing for you - a range of Discord communities dedicated to sneaker reselling. Within these cook groups you will find passionate and experienced resellers sharing their tips and tricks for turning sneaker reselling into a profitable business. 

These private communities offer a variety of tools to help you become a successful reseller, including monitors and other software, in addition to hands-on support and perks in select groups, such as access to discounted inventory. 

Coverage is worldwide, and we include groups that are relevant to any region, from the US to the EU to Asia, and everywhere in between.

Here is a list of the top 12:

🏆 The Best Sneaker Reselling Discord Servers on Whop

🥇 #1 - EscapeNotify

Escape notify

For EU-based sneaker resellers, it is hard to think of sneaker cook groups without thinking of EscapeNotify.

EscapeNotify is a private Discord reselling community that has been reliably dedicated to the success of sneaker and streetwear enthusiasts for nearly 4 years. Its team of staff, who are veterans of the sneaker game, are available to assist you with questions, providing 24/7 support and the ability to schedule 1:1 advice.

For those who are totally new to the game, EscapeNotify offers support for beginner-friendly, basic questions - unlike some groups that don’t have the patience to do so. Its private Discord server is equipped with 750+ custom monitors which keep you informed of a broad spectrum of the latest drops and product restocks for sneakers, streetwear, and more.

In addition to the Discord server, members of Escape Notify have access to an in-house app that streamlines your journey to reselling success.

👉Join Escape Notify here

#2- Goatify


Goatify is a sneaker reselling Discord server servicing the European region. Once inside, members are able to access the diverse set of advanced tools, monitors, support, and other resources that greatly assist in your success of securing the latest and hottest drops.

Outside of the thoroughly equipped Discord server, Goatify members are given access to a powerful Chrome extension, the OnyxAIO checkout bot, a sniping tool called WeTheNewSniper, and a custom iPhone app with push notifications of the most important community updates. Goatify also has a set of custom monitors that track other reselling opportunities - including low-key flips outside of sneakers.

Plus, 24/7 support with fast response times help is a helpful addition to the already engaging community, which gives strong potential for valuable connections.

👉Join Goatify here

#3- Viral Bricks 

viral bricks

One of the biggest aspects of shoe reselling is the connections that you have. Industry connections can make or break your profit margins and ability to move inventory. These relationships are also one of the most elusive components of the shoe game–some resellers who have been in the game for years still don’t have these valuable connections.

Viral Bricks is a private sneaker Discord server whose main benefit is offering these exclusive and profitable connections. Links are posted daily to purchase profitable inventory in bulk, directly from retailers.

While some other groups are inundated with a huge amount of monitors, Viral Bricks has focused channels with filtered and highly customized monitors for top-tier websites, including shoe boutiques, Nike Backend, Footsites and more. The group is US-based and is focused primarily on scaling your shoe business all the way up to plug status.

👉Join Viral Bricks here

#4- SneakerATOM

sneaker atom

Few sneaker reselling groups can boast truly worldwide coverage, so this is one of the unique benefits of the SneakerATOM Discord community. The exclusive Discord group is divided into six different regions, including the USA, Asia, Mexico, EU/UK, Canada, and Oceania.

Its community is incredibly welcoming, full of supportive staff and members who are willing to connect and assist in all aspects of the game regardless of your experience level.

The main mission of SneakerATOM is to revitalize the sneaker game while empowering a dedicated team of worldwide experts. In addition to supportive staff, the group includes in-depth release guides and exclusive information, including stock numbers and early links.

It is easy to test out SneakerATOM before having to fully commit, as the group offers weekly memberships in addition to monthly memberships for each region.

👉Join SneakerATOM here

#5- Paragn Network

paragn network

If you are in the UK region and want to join a sneaker reselling group with unmatched experience, you should highly consider joining Paragn Network.

They started the very first UK-based “cook group” over a decade ago in 2012, paving the way for many of the newer groups around today. Since then, millions has been generated in member profit, and new lives are changed every day for those that join.

Guidance is given in the form of 24/7 1:1 support from experienced resellers who are available at all times, covering all things reselling, including low-key items in addition to sneakers.

Paragn Network offers a monthly membership, and in addition to their proprietary member-exclusive Paragn Tool, the group offers superfast restock monitors, free autocheckout slots, raffles for free shoes, and other giveaways as a perk for all group members.

👉Join Paragn Network here

#6- Proxcop


Sneakerheads living in France who need guidance in their native tongue can turn to Proxcop for help.

The exclusive sneaker reselling Discord is full to the brim with tools and guidance, including monitors that are 100% custom and cover more than 200 European websites, in addition to random resells and raffles.

On top of online sneaker-buying assistance, Proxcop offers in-store benefits with pings for physical stock all around France and recaps every evening.

The group also offers an iOS and PC extension, a raffle bot, investment reports for sneakers, and assistance with sneaker botting.

Support is focused on early success for newcomers, with 10-day hands-on support upon your arrival to the server.

👉Join Proxcop here

#7- VenomCooks Germany


For resellers living in Germany, the largest and most committed sneaker Discord group in the region is VenomCooks.

Once you are inside the exclusive community, you’ll gain access to detailed guides, custom monitors with accurate and extensive coverage, and weekly calls for both complete beginners and advanced resellers.

VenomCooks drops insightful release information, including restocks and early info. In addition to sneakers, the group covers alternative reselling including tickets, gaming consoles, and other miscellaneous but valuable and low-key collectibles.

An in-house VenomCooks script is a free software included for all members to give you an edge in copping the latest sought-after European drops.

👉Join VenomCooks Germany here

#8- Sneakergraaiers


Dutch sneakerheads craving a group that is native to their area will be best served by Sneakergraaiers, a Netherlands-based sneaker reselling community with coverage throughout the EU region.

The group offers helpful advice, support, and coverage all in Dutch, offering both easier digestion of information and a tighter camaraderie for the members inside.

A monthly subscription to Sneakergraaiers includes hundreds of monitors made exclusively for the group, detailed guides in Dutch, restock pings, and support that includes live meetings. In addition to sneaker coverage, members can enjoy alternative calls and the ability to purchase discounted merchandise with profit potential.

Sneakergraaiers also offers a free Chrome extension and iOS app, with an Android app in the works so that you can be plugged into all of the group goodies even when outside of Discord.

👉Join Sneakergraaiers here

#9- Limitless Alliance

limitless alliance

The Spanish-speaking sneakerhead and reselling community is a large one, and Limitless Alliance is a private sneaker reselling group dedicated to them.

The group offers vast coverage on all aspects of the sneaker reselling game, with all of the tools it takes to succeed including custom monitors for the most relevant sites and direct support for your success.

A Limitless iOS and Chrome extension allows you to automate purchases and have an even greater edge in the shoe reselling game.

In addition to sneaker reselling, Limitless A covers other valuable collectibles, watches, and more. Limitless A offers a general monthly and VIP monthly membership, which is an upgraded option that includes giveaways and groupbuys that are exclusive to VIP members.

👉Join Limitless Alliance here

#10- Amenity


Shoe resellers living down under have been often overlooked in a game that, at times, can be largely US, EU or Asia-focused.

Therefore, Amenity decided to rectify this by creating a sneaker reselling Discord community serving Australia.

The group features instant alerts for new releases and restocks, an exclusive release calendar including AU-specific drop details, and 24/7 support.

The interactive community is just part of the deal included in the monthly membership–Amenity members will also be able to access an expanding list of courses which include reselling 101, botting guides, and miscellaneous resale.

Botting expertise is one of the strengths of the staff of Amenity, so if you know nothing about sneaker bots and want to learn the game, this exclusive community is a great place to get started in this realm.

👉Join Amenity here

#11- Kaikicks Apprentice

KaiKicks apprentice

Reselling, particularly in the sneaker world, can prove incredibly difficult. There is a high learning curve - especially if one attempts joining the game totally alone.

Kaikicks is a sneaker reselling community whose mission it is to make the sneaker reselling game easy, offering tiered memberships that are tailored exactly to the level that you are at: Tier 1 - The Student is for beginners, their most popular Tier 2 - The Apprentice is for those who have some knowledge but need more advice to grow, and Tier 3 - Degree Holder, is for the most advanced resellers who want to maximize their profits and scale their business to sky-high levels.

Tier 1 includes written & video guides for reselling and botting, Nike in-store monitors, and free raffles and giveaways all with the support of a highly experienced staff.

The higher tiers include everything in the lower tiers, with perks that include access to sneakers below retail price, Nike backend monitor, botting checkout logs, and more. Exact details regarding tiers can be found on their page.

The group services the UK and EU regions.

👉Join KaiKicks Apprentice here

#12- Checkouters


Following through with a successful checkout is a crucial step in acquiring inventory, and with reselling group Checkouters, getting a super fast and successful checkout is the primary focus.

UK/EU-based Checkouters has a dynamic community that is perfect for total beginners and seasoned vets alike. On top of a tight-knit and highly supportive community, the group offers priority access to key profitable releases thanks to insider early info, helpful tools, and purpose-built custom monitors.

A desktop and mobile app are included in the membership and assist in securing releases on multiple sites.

For those who do not need the full-on cook group, or who might already be in a group, Checkouters offers an Academy membership which grants efficient access to the most advanced resale guidance, tools, and tips.

👉Join Checkouters here

The Best Apps for Reselling Sneakers

In addition to being part of a sneaker reselling community inside of a Discord server, you will want to have the most relevant apps that will help you buy and sell coveted sneakers with resale value.

Here is a list of some of the best apps you can use for reselling sneakers:

  • Nike SNKRS
  • GOAT
  • eBay
  • StockX
  • Rally

Some apps like SNKRS are focused primarily on the acquiring of rare pairs of shoes upon release. GOAT and eBay are excellent for selling shoes in addition to buying, and StockX has the most insightful pricing analysis. Rally offers a unique way to fractionally invest in high-ticket, rare shoes.

All of them can be useful additions to your toolkit as a sneaker reseller.

For an in depth review of each app and their features and advantages, read: Best Sneaker Apps 2024

Why Should I Join a Sneaker Reselling Discord Server or Cook Group?

A sneaker reselling server, also known as a cook group, is often the secret sauce behind someone who is a successful shoe flipper. 

The vast majority of these communities are hosted on Discord because of the platform’s infrastructure for organizing groups. In addition to having separate channels that can be made public or private to paying members only, Discord has proprietary features such as Discord Bots that help moderate the group, and the ability to connect monitors that push valuable information in real-time.

Joining a Discord sneaker reselling server is beneficial for a number of reasons, including the following:

  • Access to experienced sneaker industry experts for support and guidance
  • A tight-knit community with a shared goal of making money and a shared interest in sneakers
  • High-speed monitors that push the latest drops including shock drops live to your Discord channels within the group
  • Sneaker bot services, including auto-checkout and raffle bots
  • The latest news and information on shoe drops and trends
  • Guides and even courses on all aspects of the sneaker-flipping game
  • Software including browser extensions, scripts and mobile apps
  • Region-specific tips and guidance

Every group will vary by specific features, but generally speaking, most sneaker-focused Discord communities will include the majority of the aforementioned benefits, if not more.

Is it Profitable to Resell Sneakers in 2024?

Reselling sneaker is a game that has always been evolving, and with recent efforts from Nike to slow traditional shoe reselling, it has become harder to keep up with what is possible and what isn’t in the market.

Although it is a bit more difficult to resell sneakers compared to the earlier days, if you know which are the best and most profitable shoes to buy, it is possible to make profits, as you already have an edge over the casual sneakerhead who might not know the difference between a shoe that will brick and one that will be worth much more than the original retail price.

However, in order to establish consistent profits and a thriving business in the shoe industry, it helps quite a bit to have connections that will help you acquire and move inventory.

Apart from creating a personal network locally, it is best to join a community online if you want success reselling sneakers.

Whop’s marketplace includes a collection of sneaker-focused Discord reselling groups that will help you join the company of those who are making profits reselling sneakers in 2024.

In addition to sneakers, you can participate in the profitable game of retail arbitrage across all reselling industries, including tickets, sports cards, NFTs, and more.

Which Sneaker Reselling Discord Server is Best for Me?

Not every sneaker reselling Discord server is created equally, so you will have to do a thorough assessment before deciding and committing to one. You’ll want to read group features, reviews, and ask questions if you can before joining. You can also check if the private community you are interested in has a free trial or a reduced price for a shortened period starting out.

Another factor to consider is your budget. Some groups are better for those who have a limited budget, while others are more conducive to those who have deeper pockets.

The group you decide to join will also depend on what your goals are–if you are looking to have a casual side hustle, you won’t need all of the features and constant influx of fast-paced advice that you might need if you have your eyes set on pushing big numbers.

Join a Sneaker Reselling Community on Whop Today!

Whatever your goals, Whop is sure to have a sneaker reselling group to suit you. From regional-based cook groups sharing local reselling opportunities to global groups focusing on reselling education and tools, there is something for everyone.

👉So, head to the Whop marketplace today to browse the full list of sneaker reselling communities and level-up your game!