Although it’s not at the peak it once was during the earlier 2020’s, sneaker reselling is still a multibillion dollar industry. There is still a strong community of sneakerheads in the market for shoes that sell out quickly and can be sold on the aftermarket for a premium.

To have success as a sneaker reseller in 2024, you’ll have to know which shoes are best to resell, how you can get your hands on a pair of these valuable kicks for the retail price, and where to resell them.

Therefore, as a prospective reseller or sneakerhead, you will almost inevitably use a sneaker-related app in multiple aspects of the game - including buying, selling, and price research.

Here are some of the best apps out on the market today to help give you an edge in the ever-competitive shoe game.

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Top Sneaker Apps - 2024

When it comes to sneaker apps, the tried and true still reign supreme as trust and volume are some of the biggest factors in shoe reselling.

Here are the top 6 sneaker apps for 2024: 



It is nearly impossible to even think of buying or reselling sneakers in 2024 without considering GOAT. The company, called GOAT group, is now a conglomerate, having joined the OG shoe marketplace Flight Club in a 2018 merger that happened only 3 years after its inception. The GOAT app is a pleasure to use for buying and selling alike, where it is quick and easy to list a shoe for sale and also to browse the marketplace for one of the many shoes in stock. In addition to having a vast selection of shoes, GOAT also has streetwear and other fashion accessories available for purchase and sale.

With a valuation that doubled from $2 Billion to nearly $4 Billion in the one year between 2020 and 2021, GOAT’s volume and popularity are hard to beat.

The company is constantly innovating, with an in-app AR feature that allows you to try on shoes before you can buy them.



Sneakers have solidified themselves as an alternative asset complete with their own market fluctuations and opportunities, so it was about time that they were formally treated like one. StockX, colloquially known as “the stock market for sneakers'', was the first company to act on this premise in a major way, and today has become one of the best apps where you can view sneaker valuations and trends.

StockX features in-depth statistics for each shoe brand and model, so you can see average sales prices and volume including trending shoes and those fetching the highest premiums over retail.

Additionally, users can easily list items for sale, including streetwear, luxury handbags, and watches in addition to sneakers.

The platform remains popular as a pricing standard for shoe models sold on any platform, and even if you never buy or sell a shoe on StockX, you can still find its statistics useful.


ebay app

Every OG sneakerhead will remember the days of eBay being the only platform outside of local marketplaces like Craigslist where one could buy aftermarket sneakers. Since falling off in popularity due to an influx of fakes and scams in addition to the rise of the newer generation platforms, eBay has regained its footing as a reputable marketplace for buying and selling the hottest sneakers, offering incentives like decreased commissions for sellers, verification services, and discounts for buyers.

eBay is still an excellent research tool to test how hot the market is for a certain model. Plus, it has thorough filtering capabilities, so if you would rather deal with a seller in person then you can find out what their physical storefront is through eBay.

Listing shoes in any condition is quick and simple, and eBay’s reputation system is still among the best for vetting both buyers and sellers.



As with many alternative assets, some of the best investments are out of reach for the ordinary individual. This is the case for fine art and highly sought-after one-of-one collectibles, where a store of value with returns that often beat the stock market can be had.

Certain sneakers like the game-worn 1996 Bred 11’s have entered this upper echelon of collectibles, but with a market price approaching the six figures, these are definitely not shoes that one can casually buy.

Rally allows buyers to invest fractionally into these assets by buying shares in the same way that one can buy shares of a stock in a company. When the value of the asset goes up, your shares do, and if you invest in a rare pair of shoes that gets sold, you will receive your return on investment, all without having to ever see the shoe or find a buyer.

This unique way of participating in top-tier sneaker market returns is a great way to diversify your money in the shoe game, especially if you have long-term conviction in the value of rare, historic, high priced shoes.



It’s always a good idea to buy your goods straight from the source, and with Nike still leading the pack in terms of shoes that have high demand and sell out quickly, having the SNKRS app is a must for sneakerheads and resellers alike.

The app is meant to be a fair shot for anyone to get a pair of limited sneakers, and drops are often done raffle style, with winners being shown the coveted “Got ‘Em” upon successful purchase.

It’s also great to use SNKRS as a release reminder and calendar, as the app will give you notifications for any of the latest drops, typically only for the most sought-after models, including surprise drops.

While the app is only used for buying brand-new Nike sneakers, it is still worth having if only just for the culture.



When it comes to buying used streetwear including sneakers from top-notch sellers, it’s hard to beat Grailed.

The app, which was recently acquired by the GOAT group in late 2022, is a two-sided marketplace where buyers can browse a diverse marketplace of new and mostly pre-loved luxury goods. 

Known for curated stores from sellers with taste, Grailed also features a reputation and feedback system that allows everyone on the platform to be thoroughly vetted.

One of its unique characteristics is its social nature, complete with likes, hashtags, and the ability to follow favorite sellers, making for a fun buying experience. Its browsing is somewhat of an online zine, featuring inspiring streetwear shots and underground icon favorite collections.

What is a Sneaker App?

A sneaker app is simply an application that is catered towards the buying, selling, or curation and news regarding sneakers.

Sneaker apps can take on many forms, and some, like the SNKRS app, are only for buying, whereas others like StockX and eBay can be used for both buying and selling. Other sneaker apps will act as release calendars and news sources that will allow you to know when the latest sneaker drops are.

Why Use a Sneaker App?

Using a sneaker app will allow you to fully participate in all aspects of the shoe market and are particularly important if your goal is to be a shoe reseller.

The alternative is using an internet browser to do manual research and find different platforms to sell on, which isn’t nearly as organized or convenient as having a dedicated app. Dedicated apps allow you to perform all of your necessary duties related to buying and selling seamlessly. 

Some perks also exist that are sneaker app specific, such as limited shock drops that happen only on the SNKRS app, or exclusive seller fee discounts or app-wide promotional discounts for buyers on apps like GOAT, StockX and eBay.

While sneaker apps are a great way to keep on the pulse of the ever-evolving sneaker market, they’re not enough on their own to give you the edge that is required for you to make a side hustle or a living slinging kicks.

If you want to see your full potential as a sneaker reseller, be sure to check out one of our private Discord communities that are dedicated to the game.

Once inside, you’ll receive expert guidance so that you can partake in and profit from the multi-billion dollar sneaker reselling aftermarket without having to make potentially costly mistakes from the sheer information overload that newbies are met with.

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Can sneaker apps help me secure limited edition shoes?

Sneaker apps perform many functions and are in different categories, including those that can help you buy limited shoes for reselling. So, if you choose the correct app such as the SNKRS app, you will be able to access releases directly that you can resell for profit. Other apps that allow for aftermarket buying can still offer resale opportunity if the price difference is good enough to perform retail arbitrage.

Can I resell shoes with sneaker apps?

Some sneaker apps like StockX, GOAT and eBay allow you to resell shoes on their platform. Simply follow the rules and requirements for being a seller and maintain a good reputation on your app of choice if you want to use a sneaker app as a main channel for moving your shoe inventory. Also, make sure to pay attention to platform fees and terms of service.

Which sneaker app is the best?

Depending on your intended use case, each sneaker app might have features that will work best for you. If your intention is to have a primary channel to sell sneakers on, you should pick an app that supports selling, has reasonable fees, good customer service, and a strong market of buyers. If you want to have an app for securing limited sneakers as a buyer, you will want to pick an app that allows access to purchase these shoes.

What is the difference between a sneaker app and a sneaker bot?

A sneaker app is widely available to the public and generally free to download and use, and can perform a variety of tasks including reseaerching, buying and selling shoes. Contrary to a sneaker app, a sneaker bot often requires the purchase of a license key to operate, and is focused only on buying sneakers upon their release date, often with the capacity to support the purchase of more than one pair.