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Paragn Network

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The OG UK Resell Group. 10+ Years of Experience.

We teach people how to resell sneakers and other items. We have 10+ years experience reselling sneakers full time, so believe us when we say you are in safe hands. Whether you are a complete beginner or a professional, we are the group for you. Signup today to receive guidance on all the latest drops, restocks, raffles. We monitor over 500 websites for all the latest drops and restocks and you get notified instantly to your phone or other device. We have 100's of other features that make us the best group on the market. Our success speaks for itself. Join today to start your reselling journey

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24/7 1:1 Support
Support from our team of experienced resellers, available at all times
Release Guidance
Guidance on ANYTHING an everything that resells
Free Autocheckout Slots
We will run our bots on your behalf, when releases permit
Superfast Restock Monitors
Instant notifications of restocks on hundreds of websites
Non Sneaker / Lowkey flips
From tickets, to funkos. Anything that resells, we will notify you of
Raffles & Giveaways
We raffle of shoes within the group for a small entry fee, and even give them away for FREE
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1 month ago
Can’t ever go wrong with the boys over at paragn
Purchased 1 month ago
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2 months ago
Great tools included in the group, people are friendly and always willing to help
Purchased 4 months ago
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2 months ago
I’ve been in Paragn for a while now and can hands down say the community is the best I’ve been in. There are so many like minded people from all walks and everyone is just really down to Earth - you could ask a question on anything from sneakers to clothes to something random and there will definitely be someone to advise you or have a discussion with! On top of that, the raffles that are posted, guides, upcoming info, free slots etc etc make everything so much easier, 99% of the work is done for you, you’ve just got to follow the instructions and enter up!! Not to mention you have the years of experience from Chef and Popeye and to have their knowledge at your fingertips is a HUGE benefit. It honestly is the best hub for reselling/collecting trainers, clothing and collectibles.
Purchased 2 months ago
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Paragn Network
Reselling • Sneakers

36 reviews

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A membership educating people on the buying & selling of sneakers and other limited items. We really do this too, so you can trust you are learning from the best.

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