The Moonshot is all about taking your sports betting game to the next level (to the moon, to be exact)! With a team of expert sports bettors and handicappers led by “kiiLkenny” (often referred to as simply “Kenny”), and 'the longest active sports betting Discord server', The Moonshot promises to help elevate your game and increase your profits.

However, it’s not just about daily NFL picks; the team at Moonshot offers tons of additional content, including access to insights, stats, and betting strategies to help you master sports betting. There are even dedicated sports picks sections for several other sports, such as baseball, basketball, and soccer.

Let's take a look at what makes the Moonshot such a popular and well-regarded sports betting community.

Why Join The Moonshot?

The Moonshot Discord server is all about unleashing your full potential as a sports bettor. The team behind Moonshot has been in the game for many years, and they’ve honed their skills to the max and are able to offer consistently profitable NFL picks, as well as options in other sports and popular leagues, like tennis, the NBA, and the MLB.

The Moonshot Discord server

What’s more, The Moonshot has been around for a while, and is actually the longest-running sports picks Discord community around. That’s no small feat, considering how easily members can lose faith in one sports picker after a lengthy bad run. These guys are the real deal, and you’ll struggle to find such a complete team of experts.

Another important aspect of The Moonshot is the actual community itself. The Discord server has amassed a huge and positive community filled with helpful members ready to provide any info you need, as well as betting suggestions of their own. 

At Moonshot, it doesn’t just feel like another sports picks server where only a few people talk. You’ll feel like a member of a tightly-knit community around everyone’s passion: sports picks.

Become a Better Sports Bettor

Most sports bettors out there blindly follow picks and plays from others without regard for things like betting strategies or proper bankroll management. But that’s not how sports betting actually works. To become a profitable bettor, you need to understand what’s behind these plays and picks and how to bet them correctly.

The Moonshot strives to guide you in that direction. They provide all the necessary info you need to understand how they come up with these picks. This way, you’ll eventually be able to make educated plays yourself.

Naturally, you can also find tons of expert picks by Kenny or any other team member. But, the key point of Moonshot is to challenge the way sports bettors think and teach everything there is to know to create the next generation of expert sports pickers.

They achieve this through various means, including direct interactions with the sports pickers to obtain a better idea of their thinking. Also, the Moonshot team holds weekly shows with previews for the upcoming NFL game week with deep insights, stats, and parameters to look out for.

On top of all these, the Discord server even features an NFL injury updates bot that’s very useful to have when placing your bets. Plus, there’s even a handy touchdown tracker, so you can access them at any point in time.

What You Get With The Moonshot

So, what does a subscription to The Moonshot Discord community include? Let’s check it out:

  • Daily NFL Picks - The best NFL picks and plays every day, provided by kiiLkenny and other team members, each specializing in specific bet types
  • Insights & Stats - Access to deep insights and statistics the team utilizes in their daily picks, which will also help you judge sportsbook lines and odds better
  • Weekly NFL Preview Shows - Informational live show with discussions regarding the upcoming NFL week and what to look out for in terms of value bets
  • Expert Picks in Other Sports - Several expert tipsters give their best plays in other sports and leagues, including MLB and NBA
  • NFL Touchdown Tracker & Injury Updates - Useful automated tools for tracking player injuries, as well as touchdowns
  • Code Red Alerts - Unique channel for spotting sportsbook mistakes, wrong lines, and glitches
  • “Squid Games” Fantasy Leagues - Many fantasy football leagues hosted by different community members with cash prizes up for grabs
  • Giveaways - Plenty of giveaways and competitions for all members of the Discord server

Picking the Right Package

The Moonshot options

The Moonshot values simplicity and ease of access to its Discord community, and it shows in its membership plans. There are no fancy options, like VIP memberships or access to premium features. You simply pay a monthly fee and get access to the entire Discord server with all the features the team offers.

This includes all NFL picks by Kenny and the other betting experts, access to the weekly shows with information for the upcoming NFL week, and the ability to participate in the fantasy football leagues hosted within the server. You’ll even automatically be included in all competitions and giveaways for the chance to win cash prizes!

If you just want to try out The Moonshot, then opting for the monthly plan is fine. If you know you’re in it for the long run, then you can save $15 by choosing the 6-month plan. However, the annual pack offers by far the best value, as it saves you more than 30% on the original monthly price.

The Moonshot - Your Go-To NFL Picks Discord Server

If you like what you’ve read so far, it’s only a small glimpse into the world of The Moonshot. Become a member today and see for yourself how this long-standing community of sports betting experts can help you elevate your game and increase your profits. 

A single membership is all it takes to access the entire Discord server. No features are hidden behind paywalls or VIP memberships. And, with the team’s top-notch picks, you’ll probably make your money back within a few days.

👉 If you want to learn about sports betting from the experts, then subscribe to The Moonshot today! Join the community of happy members who are becoming better bettors together.