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The Moonshot

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Get in loser, we’re going to the moon

  • Upgrade your NFL Sundays with Moonshot 🚀

• Join the family and access the longest running sports betting Discord

• Network and interact directly with the sharpest NFL minds in the community

• Gain access to weekly informational sessions, taking place directly in the Discord

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Longest Active Discord
Join the longest running sports betting Discord
Get direct access to the sharpest NFL minds in the community
Weekly Shows
Weekly shows within the Discord to preview each week throughout the NFL season
Fantasy Football
Get access to the “squid game” fantasy football league and survivor pools for a chance to win cash prizes
Your membership gets you access to monthly giveaways and competitions
Customer question & answers
I paid $30 for the monthly access but I do not have access to the group. Can someone help?
hey, please send us a DM on discord: kiilkenny
Heyo, I used Apple Pay to sub yesterday and didn’t get an email or anything. Tried to DM KiilKenny but it wouldn’t let me
Hey, you can DM any of the mods if kenny is not available. Saucemandoo Onlyfrosty Ski.777 Waelank
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6d ago
Great product, support, knowledge, well rounded experience. Suited for any level of sports bettor.
Purchased 1 month ago
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15d ago
Football picks amazing
Purchased 9 months ago
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24d ago
In a field of scammers and con artists, it’s so hard to find somebody that genuinely cares about their subscribers and friends, while also being incredibly gifted in the field of handicapping. I was there the first day he brought over his notebook with all the notes, odds changes, everything. I knew I was witnessing something special. This is a guy that can recite to you every character ever mentioned in all of the Harry Potter series without blinking. Rainman is like 9 miles behind this dude. If I could add an extra star, it still wouldn’t be enough to cover just how exciting, successful, and HONEST the Moonshot is. A lot of cappers and websites try to hook you with BS. That’s not this. On top of a successful betting community, it’s a really fun and mutually beneficial community to just exist in. I’ve seen people help others move, meet up at bars, set up charities for those in need. Worth every penny and then some. If more Moonshots existed, we’d all be better off
Purchased 2 years ago
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The Moonshot
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54 reviews

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The Moonshot™ is the longest running sports betting discord in the business. We give you insights, statistics, predictions, and betting strategies for all sports and matchups. Collaborate with not only some of the greatest cappers in the business but with a large community of bettors who will challenge your way of thinking by providing you with the information needed to make you a more successful gambler. At the Moonshot, we can promise you one thing: You'll never have this much fun beting anywhere else

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