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Jimit is an online reseller whose business has flourished with the help of Whop. At just 19 years old, Jimit has grown his resale community Astro Alerts to over 1,400 members raking in more than €35,000 a month.

Jimit discovered the world of online reselling when he was just 16 years old. According to him, entrepreneurship runs in the family, and it wasn’t long before he had joined a “cook group,” or a community of resellers sharing connections, resources, and advice. Jimit learned the hard way that reseslling isn’t always a quick buck when the leader of his cook group scammed the community. But it may have been a blessing in disguise, as the remaining community rallied around Jimit and encouraged him to create Astro Alerts.

A Flourishing Community

Astro Alerts covers every aspect of reselling from detailed guides to low-key flips to store info, consultations, group-buys, and much more. Members have access to extensive knowledge based on years of experience reselling, as well as the arsenal of tools that Jimit himself uses to execute his craft.

Everything Jimit provides is designed to give his members an edge, sometimes of just milliseconds, in the resale game. With the help of Whop, Jimit provides a wealth of experience and knowledge to his community of resellers across Europe, allowing them to each maximize their potential.

It wasn’t long after branching out on his own that Jimit discovered the numerous challenges he faced. As a solo founder with limited business experience, he realized he didn’t have all the answers. After trying other resources to handle the technical side of the business, Jimit grew tired of the high fees and slow support. That’s when he found Whop.

Oiling the Machine

“Whop is easy to manage for myself and the admins,” he says. It provides exposure, allows him to receive and track reviews and gauge member sentiment. Jimit highlights the fast support he now receives, which includes check-ins and suggestions to keep his business running optimally.

Perhaps most important, Whop has grown Jimit’s community, helping new users find Astro Alerts and try out reselling for themselves. “It’s much easier, with less fees, and makes it easier for you to grow.”

Now three years removed from the first scam that set everything in motion, Jimit is excited about the community he is building. “It started with a real passion to help people and kept going from there.”

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