It’s not uncommon for two or more sports enthusiasts and bettors to combine their forces and create a sports picks community. That’s exactly what HoodRich and BDunk did a few years back when they established The Sweepers, a sports betting group aiming to beat Vegas sportsbooks.

Both BDunk and HoodRich have been betting for years and have become experts in a bunch of different sports, including the NBA, NHL, NFL, MLB, and soccer. Together with other sports cappers and analysts, they provide daily picks on The Sweepers that are heavily researched and based on analytical data and logic.

The following of both founders has united into one huge active community with thousands of members discussing sports betting every day on the dedicated Telegram channel. Plus, the group has gathered tons of positive reviews on Whop, even though it hasn’t been around for a long time.

Ready to sweep the books? Then read our review of The Sweepers sports picks Telegram channel, where we dissect the group’s strengths and what makes them stand out. We’ll also give you the details on what you get when you become a Sweeper.

Why Join The Sweepers?

the sweepers

So, let’s start with the most important aspect of The Sweepers – the picks themselves. Every day, both BDunk and HoodRich research each matchup in all popular sports, such as the NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL. Through their research, they try to find spots that stick out as good value. Then, they check all popular sports betting apps to find the best odds possible and publish their plays.

This process takes many hours and a lot of effort. Rather than undertake this yourself, you can join The Sweepers, look at their plays and analysis, and tail them! What types of plays do they give out? It can be anything from simple moneyline picks to player prop bets, parlays, and same-game parlays (SGP).

Who are The Sweepers Cappers?

Apart from HoodRich and BDunk, The Sweepers has additional sports cappers, including Sham, the group's specialist in the WNBA. Sham has been betting professionally on the WNBA for a while and also provides standard NBA plays whenever a good opportunity pops up.

Also, there’s a unique Subscriber Bets channel on Telegram, where any member can post their own picks and plays for other members to tail. So if you've ever wanted a shot at becoming a sports betting pro, you’re free to do so.

Data and Stats Galore

the sweepers data

Every “good value” play has to be backed by certain statistics and matchup data, and that’s exactly what The Sweepers do. Before they post their daily plays, they provide in-depth charts with matchup stats and player data for upcoming games on all the sports they’re looking at. So, both they and the members can access this essential data and come up with insightful plays.

And when BDunk or HoodRich publish one of their picks on Telegram, they don’t just put it out there without explanation. They provide a detailed analysis of their thought process and include relevant stats from the team’s or player’s recent form, as well as important data for that specific matchup.

That way, their plays make more sense and are easier for every single member to understand, so no one has to follow them blindly. Plus, it gives aspiring cappers a perspective on what they should be looking for to create their own unique plays.

On top of all the daily plays they provide, The Sweepers frequently put out in-play bets. If they’re watching a specific game, they might find some great value in a live bet and will instantly post it on Telegram, so make sure to keep your notifications on.

What You Get With The Sweepers

Here’s a quick rundown of everything you can expect to receive when you become a member at The Sweepers:

  • Several daily picks
    The Sweepers team works tirelessly every day to put out a bunch of different insightful sports picks, including moneylines, over/under bets, and spreads.
  • Multiple expert cappers
    The team includes pro sports bettors, like BDunk and HoodRich, as well as other expert cappers, like Sham, that specialize in a particular sport or league.
  • Advanced betting strategies
    In addition to their well-researched picks, The Sweepers utilize top betting strategies to maximize their chances for success.
  • In-depth analysis of every play
    All picks are accompanied by relevant data and stats to back them up and allow all members to understand them.
  • Lively community of sports bettors
    Thousands of eager members who actively talk with each other and even put out their own sports picks on a dedicated channel.

Picking the Right Package

the sweepers packages

To become a member of The Sweepers and gain access to all their picks and strategies, you only need to pay a single VIP Membership. Plus, you’ll be eligible for every giveaway they host and have a shot at winning awesome prizes.

The standard VIP Membership costs $34.99 a month, which is a decent price considering the number and quality of picks you get. You can also purchase a two-week membership for $19.99 or long-term plans, such as quarterly membership for $89.99 or annual access for $299.99. 

Committing for a longer period obviously saves you a lot of money, but if you’re not sure about it, you can always test out The Sweepers for free. You won’t be able to chat with other members or get access to all picks, but some plays get reposted in the Free Channel, so you can utilize those.

The Sweepers - Let BDunk and HoodRich Help You Reach the Top

As you can see, HoodRich and BDunk have done some great work building up The Sweepers to be a professional yet fun sports picks community. Through their hours of research, they’re able to come up with highly insightful plays, which they post on their Telegram channel, along with all the stats and numbers to back them up.

Join The Sweepers on the Whop marketplace today and follow BDunk, HoodRich, and their team on your way to the top! Become a member of a flourishing community of aspiring sports bettors who all have one common goal: sweep the books with style and have fun doing so!