The crypto trading market has always been volatile, but with the most recent halving behind us, making the right move early on can take your portfolio to the moon. Then again, you might want to dabble in some day trading but don’t know where to start.

The Whale Room can help you out with that. As an expert-led crypto-focused community, The Whale Room offers trading signals, detailed charts, and many resources to help you become a better trader. On top of that, you’ll gain entry to an exclusive chat room full of thousands of like-minded traders.

If you want to improve your trading game or follow the experts, join The Whale Room. If you want to learn more about the Discord and Telegram community before joining, let’s get straight into it, starting off with the Captain.

The Captain Owning the Room

The Whale Room banner

Kyle, or Kyledoops as he’s known online, has been trading crypto for years. In fact, he’s one of the show hosts on Crypto Banter, one of the most viewed crypto YouTube channels. He also dabbles with some legacy markets, like the occasional analyses of index funds (NASDAQ Composite) or commodities (Gold).

That said, the Captain isn’t the only one offering advice. You’ve got Moe, a seasoned and very active trader hosting many of the livestreams offered within the server. And there’s Christo, who offers his fair share of signals but also dedicates lots of time to helping all members understand the trading psychology.

Captain Kyle and his team of Whale Traders provide so much value to their members that it’s only fitting they’ve received the Whop Verified badge. This is only given to the best of the best communities within the Whop Marketplace and can’t be simply bought.

So, let’s take a deeper look into what these guys truly offer to be so highly acclaimed.

Exclusive Trading Analysis on Telegram

trading telegram

First, let’s check out The Whale Room Telegram channel. The team posts their trading charts and any info they want to share about the current state of the market right onto the channel. You’ll also get access to the so-called “institutional data”, which aims to help you make better trading choices.

Every member of the channel can comment under the team’s post, but you won’t be able to post yourself. That’s only reserved for the chat channels on Discord. Speaking of the Discord, is there any difference between the two?

Well, not exactly. Both the Telegram and Discord communities will be available to you when you buy your membership. Telegram seems to be more targeted to the folks who want to know what the team posts without all the clutter Discord has. 

So, if you want to only get updates from Kyle, Moe, and Christo, stick to Telegram. Otherwise, let’s go over to Discord.

The Discord Community

whale room discord

The first part of The Whale Room’s Discord server is similar to the Telegram. The only difference is that the insights and signals are split into different channels and categories. 

So, Kyle has his own category with his respective channels, while Moe and Christo have their respective groups and sets of channels. There’s also a separate chat for degen trades if you want to risk a very small part of your bankroll for potentially high returns.

All of this will make it easier for you to follow a specific trader. If you only want to get alerts and signals from Kyle, you can simply enable notifications for his channels and disable them for the rest.

The rest of the server is structured a bit differently than Telegram. Any Discord member can access the team’s previous livestreams from a dedicated tab, while Telegram users are only sent the live links. This is especially great if you want to really learn how to improve your trading game. You can carefully review the past streams to see what the expert did for a specific trade and learn how you can do the same in the future.

The real difference between the two platforms is that Discord folks get access to a few chat rooms. You can talk with the rest of the community about anything, really, as there’s a channel to simply “chill and chat”. There are also different chats for trading and degen calls, as well as a “bragging rights” one to post your big exits.

All these features have helped The Whale Room become a more tight-knit community. The members are all willing to help one another, and there’s an overall great vibe, regardless of how the markets are going.

What You Get with The Whale Room

Okay, admittedly, we have dived deep into both the Telegram Channel and Discord Group of The Whale Room. So, here is the no-fluff breakdown of what you get when you sign up to The Whale Room:

  • Daily trade signals and chart readings
    Get expert signals and detailed charts from some of the best expert crypto traders, like Kyledoops.
  • Exclusive data about market moves
    The team collects the liquidation of major crypto to estimate how the market will move in the coming weeks.
  • Access to livestreams and exclusive strategies
    You can watch the daily livestreams of one of the experts to learn new strategies and follow their trades.
  • Tight-knit, friendly community
    The members of the Discord are very friendly and always willing to help new members out.

Fiat or Crypto?

the whale room

One of the best things about The Whale Room is that it’s all under one single membership. Kyle does have a few different variants in terms of the pricing, but you still get everything, regardless of what option you choose.

The base monthly cost is $99, but if you opt for the yearly option, you can get a 25% discount, which is $899/year. In true crypto trading fashion, you can also use crypto to access the server for three months, which will set you back $299.

Considering the value and number of daily signals you get with The Whale Room, we’re looking at a pretty good price. And the yearly discount is definitely a plus if you’re in it for the long term.

The Whale Room – Join Kyle & Co and Become a Whale Today

If you want to go down the crypto trading route, you’ll come across plenty of Discord servers and Telegram communities. But, few will be as reputable as The Whale Room. Kyle, Moe, and Christo clearly know what they’re doing, and the sheer number of signals they post daily is enough to justify giving them a shot.

Besides, upon joining, you’ll become part of their community full of thousands of traders at different levels. And, if you simply want to follow the experts, just hop on their Telegram and get trading.

So, join The Whale Room today and check out what the team of experts has to offer. You can go month-to-month at first, and once you feel confident in Kyle & Co, commit to the yearly subscription.