Are you new to the sneaker resell scene and looking for a little help getting started? Or maybe you’re a sneakerhead just looking to up your game. Whatever your resell background, if you’ve never joined a cook group before, you may want to consider it.

Membership to a cook group’s Discord server could be all that’s standing between you and the bank account of your dreams.

What are reselling cook groups?

A cook group is a group of individuals who use specialized software or "bots" to automate the process of purchasing limited-edition products, such as sneakers, clothing, electronics, or other items, from online retailers. These groups often use these bots to quickly purchase items as soon as they are released, allowing them to resell the items at a profit.

The term "cook" can refer to the process of attempting to purchase a limited edition product quickly, and the group acts as a collective effort of several users to increase chances of getting the product. Cook groups also offer resources like links and information to help people make purchases.

Image of a pair of Nike Shoes bought by a Cook Group

While its origins are not completely agreed upon, the term "cook group" is thought to have originated in the sneaker community as a reference to the colloquial definition of the word. In this case, “cook” refers to “cooking up a plan” or “cooking the books” to give yourself an advantage, namely the advantage of buying sneakers more quickly than the average consumer.

How do cook groups operate?

Cook groups often operate on private messaging platforms such as Discord or Telegram and membership is often by invitation only. They are used as a tool to increase the chances of getting the limited-edition products.

You will have to apply for membership to most cook groups and the pay structure can differ from server to server. Some may offer lifetime keys as exclusive drops of their own.

The more robust cook groups will allow you to curate your own experience using the tools of their system (such as Discord). So certain channels and resources may be role-locked or otherwise hidden, allowing one server to meet the specific needs of a large group of people.

Discord Nike Sneaker Cook Group

There will be members with different roles, including staff for the group itself. Access to these employees and staff members will help you get the most out of the service.

Beyond that, cook groups offer the opportunity to network with others in your profession. You may discover other avenues for copping that you never knew existed simply by meeting new people.

Why Discord?

Most cook groups are on Discord. You’ll find them amongst other communication apps, as well, but Discord is certainly the platform of choice.

Discord dominates the world of cook groups because it provides a number of features that are well-suited to their needs, such as:

1. Chat rooms

Discord allows for the creation of chat rooms and channels where members can discuss strategies and share information about upcoming releases and other relevant information.

2. Direct messaging

Discord allows for private messaging between members, which can be useful for coordinating group activities. Discord has a high level of customization in terms of direct chat, allowing for custom channels, role-locked channels, threads within channels and direct messages between members.

3. Automated bots

Discord allows for the integration of automated bots, which can be used for tasks such as scheduling reminders, monitoring websites for restocks, and even automating the ATC process. This may be the most crucial element, since most high-level copping is done exclusively with the aid of bots.

This also means that servers can demonstrate bots before making them available for sale to other members.

4. File sharing

Discord allows for file sharing, including images and videos, which can be useful for sharing product images and videos of the unboxing of limited-edition items.

5. Voice chat

Discord also has voice chat, which can be useful for discussing strategies and sharing information in real-time. Many cook groups offer consultations or the ability to talk directly with staff members as a perk of the service.

6. A closed platform

Discord is a closed platform, which allows groups to keep their activities private and exclusive to members only. This can be beneficial for cook groups that want to avoid detection by online retailers.

What are the benefits of reselling cook groups?

A cook group offers the opportunity to share resources and spread out initial purchasing efforts. By joining a cook group and working together, you will have an increased chance of purchasing the products you’re after, like those highly-coveted sneakers about to drop.

The use of specialized software or bots can enable members of the group to quickly purchase items the instant they are released with no errors or downtime, increasing the chances of being able to snag that limited edition purchase and resell it later at a profit.

But chatting with colleagues and access to bots aren’t all that sneaker cook groups have to offer. Let’s look at some of the specifics of what you’ll find on the other side of the paywall:

Updated information

The stronger cook groups will have up-to-date release guides that provide you with all the info you could ever need vis a vis exclusive sneaker copping. Research is by far the hardest part of resale, and these guides can do it all for you! You can expect information like:

  • Resale value insights
  • Updated release date and time info
  • Conveniently curated site links
  • Early links
  • Links to raffles

Bot sales

Just like the cook groups themselves, some flip bots have a limited user base and can be highly coveted. Your odds of landing one of these bots on your own is pretty low, but through a cook group, you can get first dibs on bot sales and flips. Equipping yourself with the latest and most reliable purchasing bots will help you up your resale game even further.

Auto Check-Out Services

A no brainer. Relying on your fingers to manually enter all your info and get those exclusive purchases is a recipe for disappointing failure on a lot of big releases. Just think of those Yeezy Reflectives that were so hard to get. The struggle is real.

But with an ACO service, available through your cook group, sneakers will never be out of your reach again. You’ll be able to compete on the world stage with everyone else who’s checking out in a matter of seconds.

Backdoor sales

Store workers can be your friends. Often the people with direct access to limited stock in physical store locations will play ball through cook groups. It doesn’t get more exclusive than that.

Opportunity for expansion

What can you flip with a cook group? Sneakers and so much more! Maybe you’re a diehard sneakerhead, but maybe you’re not. There are a lot of green pastures out there for those who are willing to cop it out. Many cook groups will offer support for those looking to resell more than just sneakers.

And the basic principles remain the same. A lot of your tools and skill sets will carry over to reselling other exclusive items, as well. The real advantage of a resale group that goes beyond sneakers is the connections. You’ll find exclusive links to early sales as well as access to dedicated buyers.

Selling opportunities

Buying up exclusive drops is only half the battle. You need to sell the items at the right time to get your profit. Many cook groups connect you not just with opportunities to buy limited edition items, but the avenues to sell them, as well.

Access to elite sneakerheads

Not a pro yet? If you’re just getting started or looking to take your sales to the next level, a cook group can set you up with the most successful sneaker flippers in the world. Many cook groups strategically recruit the most successful sneakerheads as either staff or elite members who can then pass on tips and expertise to others in the server.

Even if you think your game is pretty good, there’s still room for improvement. Thousands of dollars a year is good, but what if someone could help you take that number up to thousands a month, instead?

Are there disadvantages to joining a cook group?

At the end of the day, there is no guarantee that you will recoup your costs from joining a cook group. Even with the support you gain from pooled resources and information, there is always a chance that you will not make back the money you spend to join. This may be because of luck, competition from others using similar tricks, or even because you picked the wrong product to try and resell.

There is also no guarantee the cook group will always be around. Reselling limited-edition and high-end items is a fast-moving game, and groups may change, dissolve or restructure themselves with little warning. Look for a stable cook group. Sneakers and collectible-focused cook groups have enough popularity to rank fairly high in terms of stability.

How do you join a cook group?

1. Networking

The best way to join a cook group is through networking with people who are already members of a group. This can include reaching out to people on social media platforms, forums, or in online communities. Many cook groups are active on sites like Twitter and Reddit, where you can gauge the group’s offerings and activities before asking to join.

2. Referrals

If you know someone who is already in a cook group, they may be able to refer you to the group or sponsor you for membership.

3. Buying a spot

This step is often paired up with the other two. While there are free cook groups, most if not all of the best ones will have a membership fee. Sometimes you can go straight to this step of buying your way in, but often you will need to have done some networking or application work first.

Do you have to pay to join reselling cook groups?

Yes, most cook groups come with a fee, often a monthly one. Subscription fees typically range from $10 to $50 depending on the complexity of the group and its offerings. The pricier the server, the more resources you can expect to find there.

List of the 5 top reselling groups on Whop
Top reselling groups on Whop

Be aware that membership to these groups is sometimes limited. Groups may be labeled as closed or “out of stock” on some listing pages when their membership is full.

Are there any free cook groups?

The short answer is yes. Cook groups typically come in three flavors: free, paid and exclusive.

Sneakers Discord Channel

Free cook groups are often limited in their offerings but can be a good starting point to meet new people and get your feet wet. The paid groups will range in quality and price depending on your needs, and exclusive groups can be quite hard to get into. For membership to an exclusive group, you will often have to prove yourself to be an elite reseller with a significant amount of resources to bring to the table.

How easy is it to join a cook group?

This depends on the group. Some are easier to get into than others. Because membership is usually limited, some groups may be selective about who they allow in. An application process is not uncommon and you may need to provide details about your resale needs and interests.

Think of it like applying for a credit card. The best perks and rewards are typically tied to the most selective cards.

Tips on getting into a cook group

There are some steps you can take to heighten your chances of getting into one of the higher-end cook groups.

Participate in their social media

Many cook groups have an online presence on Instagram, Youtube or Twitter. Participate on their socials and stay active to receive notifications about when membership will be open for applications again. The cook groups that strive to curate a community environment will be looking for this type of engagement. The stronger effort a cook group puts into curating their membership like this, the better odds that the group will be around for a while.

Meet other members

Everything is easier with a friend on the inside. If you stay active in the online resellers community, you’ll soon find yourself talking with people who are members of cook groups, or who have worked with them in the past.

These connections can help get you in by vouching for you internally. They can also be a valuable resource for an “inside glimpse” at these elusive communities. No one will be able to give you better advice about which servers to join than the people who’ve been in them.

Keep trying

Don’t give up, and don’t settle! If the group you’re determined to join is not accepting new members at the moment, or you’re struggling with the application process, be persistent. You may just need to bide your time for the right moment to be accepted.

The internet is vast and collectible resale has always been popular. So it stands to reason that there are countless sneaker cook groups throughout the web. Some may be quite elusive and hard to pin down. Here we have compiled a list of some of the most popular sneaker cook groups of the moment and which have a straightforward path to membership.

1. Book of Alpha

This group prides itself on having something for everyone, from seasoned resellers to those just getting off the ground, so there’s little pressure to feel you aren’t “good enough” yet.

Book of Resell boasts a team of developers, ticket brokers, decade long collectors and experienced resellers, all of whom come carefully vetted. They work exclusively for Book of Resell and are available to all members as a community resource.

2. Sole Strike

Available through the Whop marketplace, Sole Strike is a simplified offering for those looking less for active community resources and more for straightforward software to aid them in their purchases.

Sole Strike Sneaker Cook Group

Sole Strike is an ATC (Add To Cart) company running slots on Yeezy, Puma, New Balance and more. Through their subscription you also receive bulk slots and exclusive giveaways.

3. Cookology

This is another group available through Whop. Cookology is not sneaker-exclusive and offers a wide array of resources for resellers of all stripes.

Cookology sneaker and reselling cook group

Like Book of Resell, Cookology strives to have something for everyone no matter their level of investment. So you will see resources curated for both full-time resellers and those doing part-time gigs. Somewhat unique to Cookology is their extra info and analysis of upcoming releases as well as crypto and stock market trends.

4. Peachy Pings

Another popular option is Peachy Pings.

Peachy Pings Sneaker Cook Group

This is a sneakerhead-exclusive group with a mid-tier price point that provides a good balance between the needs of entry-level resellers who may lack the funds for more robust services and more experienced sellers who still need something on the higher end. Currently to join peachy pings you have to sign up for their waitlist so head over and do so ASAP.

5. Resell Apprentice

As the name implies, this group is mostly dedicated to newer resellers. If you’re interested in the process but lack experience, then a group like Resell Apprentice is a good call.

This group remains popular because of its dedication to structured learning. It is more of a teaching server, similar to a course you might find someplace like Skillshare. Resell Apprentice goes one step further to offer live support and regular calls on items. So while you may not need to stay in this group forever, it makes a good first step.

6. Flipd AI

This popular group is a steal for U.S. resellers. They offer a robust channel of support for sneaker copping including exclusive information on shock drops and restocking. They emphasize helping you scale up your operations, so this is a great place for people looking to learn.

Flipd AI online community

Flipd AI also delves into non-sneaker drops, as well, including some higher-guarantee flips that a lot of other communities miss out on. There’s a lot to be said for low-key drops with high returns. While these are often not the big name exclusives that dominate the news cycle, the community at Flipd AI knows the importance of bolstering up your Air Jordans game with some less hyped but equally as profitable sales.

7. Bread and Butter

This cook group provides daily leads on profitable items from all major online retailers like Mercari and Amazon, sneakers included. The crux of this group is longer-term, sustainable growth and income, rather than the largest and most exclusive drops.

Bread and Butter makes a good pick for those looking to expand their business to different corner markets for stability’s sake. It also offers a good side server to help bolster your riskier efforts elsewhere.


The world of online resale has never been more robust! The time to take advantage of the growing community of resources and technology is now. Don’t let your sneaker game slip because you’re trying to do it all solo. Instead consider investing in a membership to a cook group to help you connect with your people, optimize your strategy and start taking home more money easier.

We have many options available on for the dedicated sneakerhead. Whether you’re new to the game or a seasoned pro, there’s a group within your budget that can meet your needs. Check out our Resellers Page for groups that cover not just sneakers but all manner of exclusive resale items like clothing and collectibles.

And don’t forget to check out our other categories, as well. At Whop, it doesn’t matter if you’re into sports betting or crypto, we can set you up with exclusive access to the best parts of your community.

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