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What is General?

Welcome to the internet’s best corner for general trading groups, where you’ll find a range of thriving communities and tools covering all aspects of trading. Trading is one of the most lucrative hustles going, but there is an incredible amount of variety in the trading world not just in what assets you can trade, but how you can trade them! Finding your style and a market in which you’re comfortable is often the first step, and you can do that right here. These trading communities each have their own speciality whether it comes to the style of trading, whether that’s swing trading, day trading, or something else entirely; and you’ll find just as much of a range when it comes to trading instruments like forex, stocks, bonds, and even crypto. You can also find great trading communities focused on tools that can enhance your trading, such as trading indicators. So, whether you’re just getting into the game and seeking to skill up or are already an experienced trader looking for a boost via the right tools or the perfect mentor, these trading groups are for you!