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Availability to join the free discord chats and connect with other traders. Also gets access to live trade with us as well @9:30am - 11am (ICT Concepts)

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Premium member, Free Chat

Group of Traders
Get community access to traders from everywhere, traders you can learn from, backtest with, and profit together.
1on1 Mentorship
Receive teaching such as: Market Structure, Trading Psychology , Multiple Profitable strategies and more
24/7 Support
We have 24/7 support so if you ever have questions about anything we will be there to help!
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(3 reviews)
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a month ago
One of the best choices i’ve ever done was to join his discord. I’ve seen a lot of progress and improvements within a short span of time. He always harps on consistency & being patience. At the end of the day it’s about the process then the profits will come. Constantly dropping gems and is always there for whenever he is needed. Always looking to guide the next student/person in need! Many benefits to joining one of the best discords if you want real results !
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3 months ago
Definitely one of the best discord channels I've ever joined! With the one and only, live trading around experienced traders! Many educational opportunities and mutual assistance Wonderful discord to begin trading💪
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4 months ago
Agtrades has helped my trading skills improve dramatically from learning the basics and now able to analyze charts and take my own trades. Made my purchase back first trade!!
How will this benefit me?
It benefits you by having the ability to learn a new skill set and make extra money on the side to help pay for your bills etc.
How long does it take to make money/profitable?
If you put in the work and look for trading as a long term goal you will see success very easily just because you are learning from a mentor that has been through it all. You will make the money back your first trade you take with us !!
What is the payment type?
We offer credit/debit cards all a payment option
Do you send signals to Premium Member Access?
Yes i alert every trade to the chat before i enter so you guys get a heads up.
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AgTrades Live & Signals
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3 reviews

Ever want to start Day Trading? This is the perfect community for you if your just starting out. Our Premium Membership includes Live trading with AgTrades. Cant make the Live Room? No worries, each trade will be signaled to the Premium chat. We would love to have you join our community !

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