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Agtrader's Room

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Trading Futures, Stocks and Options

Pattern based Risk/Reward trading. Developing traders. The more that join the room and use the system, the stronger the community becomes.

Why only offer 3 months? We are investing our time and effort into you, so we're asking you to invest with us. You're not going to learn everything in a month. This isn't like other rooms. If you're serious about trading, give it a year... it will be the best investment you've ever made.

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Agtrader's Room

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Live trading access

🌎 Community of Traders. A community where traders, both seasoned and new, collaborate, share, and grow.
Trading Setups
📈 Short and long term patterns. Low risk, high reward entries with stops and multiple targets
Live trading
Live Trading Room. Watch us show you exactly how our indicators are meant to be used and trade our own signals live
Teaching and Mentorship
While any service can call out trades, not many will have a concrete reason why. We teach a complete trading system.
Real-time Trade Alerts
Real-time Trade Alerts Get instant notifications on profitable trades during market hours.
Customer Q&A
Q: Does Ag trader have Dan Emmons insights n trade alerts in live discor?
A: Yes, Dan has a trading alert room.
Asked on Apr 6, 2024
Customer reviews
5 out of 5
(18 reviews)
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1 month ago
I have been trading the markets for roughly 5 years. I have been through just about everything except options. This room has provided me with the structure that was 100% needed for me to find consistency and has put me on the path. This room is not an alert service, the goal here is to teach you how to fish for yourself. When you join, sit back absorb everything that you can, and most importantly ask questions. We have such a great community here. Worth every single penny...
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3 months ago
Blown away with the general helpfulness, professionalism, and results seen in this room. I've been part of a few similar trading education offerings in the past and this is head and shoulders above the rest. Can't recommend enough.
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3 months ago
Amazing group of traders, Been with them for just 2 days. Much more informative than other groups I have been in. The concepts just make sense and are easy to digest. I would suggest/recommend them to anyone. - Pookietrades
What is included in the Discord community?
You will have access to our community of traders, be able to share insights and strategies, access trading streams, and understand our unique indicator signals.
Are you a trade call out service?
While we will call out longs and shorts in the room, anyone can do that. We will show the process behind it. This is what will develop you as a trader.
What do you trade?
We deal with all CME futures products. Stocks and SPX options will be covered upon request.
About the seller
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Agtrader's Room
Trading • Technical Analysis

18 reviews

20+ year futures trader trying to share what I've picked up over the years. A practical approach to low risk/hi reward trading. Here to document what might be one of the greatest trade opportunities in years.

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