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Enabling the pioneers of AI built businesses to create six-seven figure brands/agencies using a multitude of new methods!

Learn how to make money with AI now!

AI Takeover Academy Main Subscription:

Purchasing this role lets you join the AI Takeover Academy and will provide you with access to the channels where we post provide the following:

• Video tutorials regarding how to monetise AI software!

• We give our students daily rescources to boost them on their journeys!

• 24/7 Help from our Automation & Agency specialists!

• Methods that have never before been seen on the internet that we have been keeping to ourselves!

Daily & continues updates!
We continuously update our information. If there is something new in the industry we bring it to you!
Black-hat methods!
Since the AI industry is new we hold secrets & methods that no other course provides.
Direct support!
After joining you will be able to get in touch with the support team “any time” you require assistance.
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6 months ago
Was great for the price will definitely renew next month!
Purchased AI Takeover Academy 6 months ago
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6 months ago
The AI Takeover Academy was a game-changer for me. Their courses provided me with the essential knowledge and skills to harness AI's potential. With what I learned, I successfully integrated AI solutions into my business and allowed me to create a steady income. Highly recommended
Purchased AI Takeover Academy 6 months ago
Can you cancel anytime?
Yes, of course you may cancel anytime you please. We would be happy to take you onboard whenever you’d like to join the Academy again!
How high can I scale my business using your methods?
If you’re a fast learner & someone who can incorporate information relatively quickly. You can expect within your first month to generate $2-5k in profit for your first month. This can then be easily scaled as the beauty of the AI industry is that a lot of automation is involved so after your first month/s. You can expect to 5 figure months, if not more.
Once I purchase the Academy Course. What area do you recommend for me to target?
We at the AI Takeover Academy emphasise learning Social Media Automation & the upcoming emergence of AI Deepfake technology and AI Influencer brands. In the course we in detail then go through how you can build your own successful brands using these techniques.
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AI Takeover Academy
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2 reviews

Our mission is simple: to help aspiring entrepreneurs navigate the exciting and ever-evolving world of AI Automation Agency businesses. Whether you're a seasoned professional looking to branch out or a budding entrepreneur with a passion for AI, this server is designed to support you every step of the way. Within our server, you'll find a wealth of resources, including valuable information, free templates, and expert-led trainings. We know that many regular, average people have dreams & aspire to be more than what they believe they are confined to. It’s true that in the realm of business there were many big waves that took average, regular people into millionaire status (we’re talking generational wealth) - you’ve heard it before, Bitcoin, AltCoins, NFTs, SMMA & Dropshipping we can go on & on for days but the bottom line is that you missed out. With AI Automation if you’re reading this. You are one of the first. However, not for long - hence why our team decided to make this Discord. We ourselves want to be the pioneers to help catapult the next generation of industry leaders in the realm of AI & we hope you take that decision & join us!

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