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ASX Trading & Mentorship

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Learn from traders with over a decade of trading experience on the ASX.

Join the largest ASX Day-Trading community in Australia with over 3,000 members.

Our pre-market voice chat crew discuss what's happening on the markets for the day. Or if you prefer, join the other traders in text-chat for day trading or swing trading.

Everyone is welcome regardless of skill level or experience.

Trading Channels:

  • Day Trade

  • Short & Mid Term Trading

  • Chart set ups

  • Commodities

  • International (US) Trading

  • Crypto

In addition to our community of experienced traders, we also provide a few quality of life bots to help our traders get an edge in the market:

This is the edge we provide our traders:

  • Live ASX announcements with full documents (no 20 min delay), and the ability to be tagged between 10am - 4pm with intraday news so you never miss a price sensitive announcement!

  • Instant stock information. Type "!info CBA" to get the full breakdown of the stock such as the market cap and the shares on issue

  • Instant Cash information. Type "!cash" to find out how much money is left in any ASX listed company

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ASX Traders

Trading knowledge
We ensure you get a solid foundational understanding of the ASX for your skill level whichever package you sign up for!
Knowledge from 10 years of trading condensed into an easily digestible course
Discord Access
Gain access to a community of full time ASX traders who help each other find opportunities
Support Network
Access assistance anytime from our members-only discord. Got a question? A real trader will help you!
Customer Q&A

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Customer reviews
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(3 reviews)
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2 months ago
Iโ€™ve been looking for some time to find ASX related courses which deliver on their promises, this certainly did! You will be taken through all the foundational aspects of trading the ASX, from essential preparation when it comes to reading and understanding announcements to making better stock selection decisions, through to trade execution and psychology. If someone wanted to get started in trading the ASX today, this is where I would start them. Michael has generously included access to his Discord community as a part of the course, here is where the value becomes potentially limitless. The wealth of knowledge in this community spans many years if not decades of real trading experience, thatโ€™s like minded traders who are out to succeed everyday, sharing their thoughts, their technical insights, and to keep it real without the BS, you will even see traders admit to their wins and losses. Seriously, this course offers 10x the value for a 10th of the cost of many courses out there. Highly recommend.
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2 months ago
Found the content very useful for a beginner like me. The videos were easy to follow and very informative. Well worth the price.
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3 months ago
As someone who is brand new to the markets, the beginners guide really opened up my eyes to the complexities of the stock market as well providing me with the tools to navigate through it.
Is the Mentorship discord different to the beginners guide Discord?
Yes! The Mentorship community is a much smaller community with highly experienced (>20yrs) traders.
Do I get permanent access to the Discord?
For the Beginners Guide Discord, yes! For the Mentorship Discord, it's only for as long as the membership is active.
Will you make me rich? I want a Lamborghini
We can guide you on how to become a successful trader, but ultimately how well you perform is on the work you put in.
About the seller
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ASX Trading
Trading โ€ข Stocks

3 reviews

ASX Trading has traded the markets since 2013. We run a Youtube Channel with over 200 videos since 2019, amounting to hundreds of hours of stock market content We also run Australia's largest day trading community on Discord with over 3,500 members.

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