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Long Term Profitable Sports Bets Sent Right To Your Phone!

BandoMoneyBets is an exclusive Discord group dedicated to sports betting enthusiasts. Here's what makes it stand out:

  • Expert Picks: Daily betting tips from seasoned sports analysts.
  • Community Support: A vibrant community where members share insights and strategies.
  • Live Bet Tracking: Real-time updates on bets and outcomes for immediate decision-making.
  • Educational Resources: Guides and tutorials for bettors of all levels, from beginners to experts.
  • Exclusive Access: Members receive early notifications on the best odds and lines.
  • Secure and Private: A safe space to discuss strategies and results with privacy and respect.
  • Diverse Sports Coverage: From football to basketball, covering a wide range of sports across the globe.
  • High Success Rate: Proven track record of high ROI on bets, shared transparently within the group.
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Daily Picks
Daily Picks for Every Major Sport!
Specialized Cappers
Our cappers specialize in different sports to give you a bigger edge.
24/7 Support
New to betting? Contact any of our moderators for personalized support to help up your game
Big Plays
Monster plays to help increase your bankroll week after week.
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4.83 out of 5
(12 reviews)
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20 days ago
Disclaimer: I play purely on sportsbooks and not on DFS (Fliff, Underdog, or Prizepicks), so my rating/review will be based on that.  Most, if not all plays are on Fliff, Underdog, or Prizepicks—I would say 90%+. If you only bet on sportsbooks (FanDuel, DraftKings), I would suggest looking into a different service, as some plays are impossible to find on sportsbooks (most PGA plays, 50% WNBA plays (mostly EV plays), and pitcher/batter fantasy points).   I do believe the people here are genuinely interested in what they do, and if you use DFS, you can definitely find some value. I would say that probably 50% of the plays here are derivatives of the same play but in combination with free square, tacos, or goblins. 4-5 "real" plays can be generated into 10 slips based on these promotions.  The PGA portion from Cooper is definitely very promising from what I have seen; however, most of the plays are only playable on Prizepicks or Underdog. What I like: 1) They are fairly transparent regardless of a winning or losing day.  2) They provide stake size, and most cappers here provide a direct slip to the bet. 
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2 months ago
Just joined recently again and feel you enjoy baseball and gamble no reason to not be in here they know what they’re talking about and haven’t missed a pga slip since being on
User avatar
2 months ago
A great group that helps you with long-term profitable betting! A few leaders stay way more active than others, but I love the subscription!
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Sports Picks • General

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We are a team of sports bettors put together for the community! We focus on transparency, long term profits, and cashing out higher than any other premiums. We have a full team of cappers who have been together for over a year, all recapped daily covering just about every sport and app.

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