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Be A Winning Trader

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We are trading educators this past 25 years. Our trading signals are generated using our unique trading system. Learn from a veteran trader.

Be a Winning Trader is a long established business in the financial trading field. Our Mentoring and Educating of traders first began in 1998. We use a Price action Trading techique that has a defined set of rules that defines the trend. It not only enables me to know the present price action trend but also the point where it started and more importantly the point at where it will end. My objectives are to get into a new confirmed trend once it is in place. I then further confirm this signal using my very simple but powerful software trading tool. It analyses the sum total of buying and selling pressures in a market. Once both the price action trend and software trading tool are in tandem then the trade is executed. We also know strategically where to place our PROTECTIVE STOPS. Using this techique and approach enables me to create consistently accurate trading signals no matter the timeframe or instrument being traded. As a premium member of my Discord Trading Platform you receive signals based on my trading methodology. My signals will be selective. My motto is quality over quantity. There will also be VIP chat channels, Education Channels and live training webinars for all premium members. All in all this is a trading platform for traders who want to not only earn but learn!

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Unique Trading System
Our specially designed trading system creates efficient signals, allowing you to make profitable trades more often.
Our Trading Discord Channel
A Discord hub where you can discuss trading strategies, get real-time advice, and share insights.
Support For You
We are totally focused on giving all premium members first class support with the aim of helping them achieve success.
Live Training Webinars
All premium members have the opportunity to attend our LIVE TRAINING WEBINARS.
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10 months ago
I was a little tentative about joining this service as I'm primarily not an intraday trader. And, not spending much time at the screen, trading forums have been a low priority. However, it has been a real pleasure being part of Ian's new signal service. The signals are very clear and, from what I've seen to date, profitable. However, more importantly, the service offers an education to successfully trading which can be applied to any market or timeframe. I wish Ian well in his new venture and long it may continue.
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1 year ago
Very impressive- close to 280 pts profit or 7R in just over a week! Ian obviously knows his stuff, and his trading approach is simple and profitable. A steal at this price. Highly recommended.
What Forex Trading signals do you give?
We are selective in our trading signals. We will only give one signal on a forex pair at a time. Our main Forex pair is GBPJPY.
What markets do you indicate signals?
We do have signals for forex, commodities and stock indices. We are selective in our sdignals and our motto is quality over quantity. Forex is our main signal market.
Do you offer trading education?
We have been long established in the financial education sector (25 years) and this is certainly one of the key features of joining us. You will learn from our founder, a veteran trader of almost 40 years experience.
Is there a explanation why a trade is suggested?
Every trade we indicate there will be a chart and a explanation why it was taken.
Do you offer in the group general market commentary?
Yes, this is something that we regularly do. We are also open to questions from our premium members if they would like a particular market analysed.
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Be A Winning Trader
Trading • Technical Analysis

2 reviews

Be A Winning Trader has been established since 1998. We have been teaching and mentoring traders to successfully trade using our Price Action methodology coupled with our proprietary software trading tool. Our system has been developed and perfected by our founder using his many years trading experience. He is a trader himself with close to 40 years experience. Our education program has been noted as been second to none.

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