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Ordinals Trade Alerts | Wallet Tracker | Collection Tracker

Bolt Alerts is a cutting-edge Discord bot, developed by Gizmolab, that serves as your real-time guide in the dynamic realm of cryptocurrencies. The core features include:

Real-Time Alerts: Receive instant notifications on new coins launched on the Ethereum blockchain, with a special focus on meme and 'shit' coins.

Comprehensive Information: Get detailed insights about each new token including:

  • Creation date
  • Contract verification status
  • Current market cap
  • Buy and sell volumes

Safety Checks: Be informed if a coin might be a honeypot, ensuring your investments are safer.

Tax and Liquidity Data: Access information about buy and sell taxes, liquidity, the coin's owner, and funding sources.

Links to Socials and Trading Tools: Get one-click access to a coin's social media pages and essential trading tools.

Token Lookup: Utilize our command feature to retrieve all this information using a token's address.

White-Label Service: Bolt Alerts is proud of its Gizmolab branding, but we also offer a white-label service on request for businesses seeking to integrate our robust tool into their own brand identity.

Empower your crypto journey with Bolt Alerts - Stay informed, stay ahead!

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Bolt Alerts

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Bolt Access

Wallet Tracker
Monitor activity for any Ordinals and BRC20 wallet on the Bitcoin blockchain.
Fomo Alerts
Get alerts about sudden spikes in transaction volumes or price increases in the Bitcoin market.
Launch Calendar
Keep track of new Ordinals and BRC20 token launches on the Bitcoin blockchain with our comprehensive Launch Calendar.
Visualize market activity with charts for price trends, trading volumes, and more.
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Customer reviews
5 out of 5
(7 reviews)
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1 year ago
The Bolt BTC bot is a great way to bring your focus on what's actively being traded in the space. It has helped our members greatly. Must Add!
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1 year ago
We at Corgi Calls found it very useful in analyzing volume of the hyped collections. Amazing bot for a very adequate price.❤️
User avatar
1 year ago
Awesome tool for crypto alerts & meme coins! Running it in my server now and we all love it!
How do I set up Bolt Btc?
You can follow along with our step by step guide to setup Bolt in your discord server: https://bolt.gizmolab.io/ordinals-brc-20s/bolt-btc
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7 reviews

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