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Trading Secrets

(35 reviews)

Automated Futures Trading

Boss Bot, our cutting-edge software platform, brings you the future of trading. It's like having an elite team of auto-trading experts at your fingertips, tirelessly executing trades, optimizing strategies, and maximizing your returns.

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Boss Bot

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Futures Trading Algorithm
You'll get access to our first ever futures trading algorithm. This bot trades ES (S&P500 futures contract).
24/7 Support
You'll get access to our amazing support team.
Customer Q&A
Q: Can this be used if I live in Canada?
A: Yes it can be used if you live in Canada. You will have to purchase the multi-broker license directly from NinjaTrader. From there you can link a Canadian-friendly broker to your Ninja platform.
Asked on Jan 21, 2024
Q: How much does the both increase my amount monthly?
A: Not sure if you are asking how much does the automation make per month or what does the monthly cost add up to. There is a one time fee of 2500 and then a monthly cost of 299 per month.
Asked on Feb 4, 2024
Q: Can i use it for prop firm accounts? If yes, can i buy the bot in instalments? Like maybe 2 or 3 instalments?
A: Yes, with MES you can use this on a prop firm. Best would be one like Topstep with end of day drawdown. We are considering on doing a monthly price shortly. Let us know if we can answer any other questions.
Asked on Jan 21, 2024
Q: You do not post any historical profit charts or backtesting results. How do I know it even makes money. Much less how its drawdowns or profit factor
A: We just posted some slides of trade performance. Not sure if you are able to see yet or if it has to be approved to put back on Marketplace. Please check back once slides are on the live page.
Asked on Feb 6, 2024
Q: Can this trade micro S&P500 futures (MES) as well, or only mini S&P500 future (ES)?
A: Yes this product can trade Micro ES futures contracts as well as the Mini ES contracts.
Asked on Jan 22, 2024
Customer reviews
4.94 out of 5
(35 reviews)
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23 days ago
This is the money glitch. The product out of the box is a money printer. The community and product support in the Discord is gold too! Trust the process and it will pay off for you!
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a month ago
The best financial investment I have ever made. BossBot and NQ Scalper have created passive income for me. And made me part of a fantastic community. I look forward to my bots coming out. Ash-Cash
User avatar
a month ago
NQ Scalper is definitely a hit.. A great buy!
What does this bot trade?
S&P500 futures. (ES and MES)
What platform does it work on?
Does it work for forex?
No. This is a futures trading bot not a forex EA. It only works on US regulated broker NinjaTrader.
How much is the minimum to trade with bot?
$1,000 is the bare minimum for cash accounts. This will be able to trade one Micro ES contract.
Does it work on prop firms?
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Trading Secrets
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35 reviews

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Sit back and watch your investments grow! 🤖💼💰

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