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Brasco Bets

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Betting Analysis, Knowledge & Transparency that you won’t get anywhere else 🧠💯 I will help you win & help you learn how to become a better bettor🔪

Sports Betting Picks, Analysis, Information, Tips & Strategies Daily From CBS Sportsline & ESPN Top Rated Sports Betting Analyst Danny Brasco

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Brasco’s All Sports VIP 🥊🏈🏀⚾️💰

Elite Analysis
In-depth betting analysis across all sports. I give more than just the pick. I will help you win, and help you learn 🧠
Top Rated MMA Capper
Most profitable sport of my betting career💰🥊 UFC, PFL, & Boxing. Everyone loves betting the fights with Brasco 😎
NFL Expert
Sharp NFL handicapper, profitable 3 seasons running 📈 Teaser Guru 🤓 Player Prop Sniper 🎯 King of the Sack 👹
King of the Under
King of the Under 👑📉 My breadwinners every season. Nothing I love more than watching the public lose an Over 😅
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7 months ago
king of NY and the king of the unders. Brasco doesn't miss. love the plays and energy!
How do I get in contact with Danny?
Reach out on social media! IG: @Brasco_Bets Twitter: @BrascoBets
Do I get a refund if we lose?
Gamblers know that losses are inevitable, even for the best in the game. In sports betting, and in any type of betting, streaks are common. If during your subscription we sustain consistent losses, I will always add time to your plan, and do so until I at least provide some strong wins to recoup some losses. I aim to always be fair and transparent. If you have a dispute, you can reach out to me personally on social media and I am confident we can come to an agreement. Let's win 👊🏽
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Brasco Bets
Sports Picks • General

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Danny Brasco is a New York based Sports Betting Analyst for CBS Sportsline & ESPN's Omaha Productions. He specializes in betting MMA & NFL. Danny is an information junkie that brings a dynamic approach to his handicapping across all sports. Danny is passionate about educating bettors, and provides in-depth analysis to his subscribers and followers daily, along with regular betting education "lectures." Outside of sports betting, Danny is the Director and a Head Coach in his community's local youth baseball league. Danny loves fine dining, and his dog Hercules.

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