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Expert Guidance
Access insights and strategies from professional traders
Transparent Results
- Openly share wins and losses for accountability - Achieve consistent profitability with our successful track record.
Live Sessions
Participate in daily sessions for real-time guidance
Proven Strategies
Benefit from time-tested approaches to trading
Community Support
Engage with like-minded traders for mutual growth
Flexible Options
Choose from various membership plans to suit your needs
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Customer reviews
5 out of 5
(9 reviews)
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4 days ago
Bought silver tier subscription, easily worth the price, will continue subscribing. also made $4100 the first month using this, with only initial investment of $80 for myfundedfutures prop firms and subscription
User avatar
4 days ago
Friendly staff and top tier service
User avatar
5 days ago
Like it very much, high quality server
Q | What is Celestrial Trading 💫 ?
A | Celestial Trading 💫 is dedicated to empowering traders of all levels to succeed in futures trading.
Q | How knowledgeable do I have to be and how difficult is this service ?
All you need to know is press a button to take a entry, buy, sell, take profit, set stops, close position, etc.
Q | How much money can I make from this?
A | You can expect 5 figures - new 6 figures income your first year with us. As capital grows, you should expect more
Q | Why Is The Membership So Expensive?
A | We have priced it accordingly to the values it brings. Find more info about why on our Discord Server
Q | Any Warranties or Guarantees when I buy?
A | If you don't see positive results during the period of your membership, we will issue you a refund.
About the seller
Celestrial Trading
Trading • Futures

9 reviews

Meet the driving force behind Celestrial Trading: Celestrial Trading is all about helping you achieve financial independence. With our expertise and proven success, we're here to make trading easy and profitable for everyone. We've been where you are, generating big profits year after year. Now, we're sharing our knowledge to guide you to your own success. Join us on this journey to financial freedom!

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