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CEO Trades

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Exclusive daily trade setups from CEO trades with an average of 10% tracked monthly gains.

Access to Exclusive Discord Community:

  • Access to my Premium Analysis: Learn from a consistently profitable professional.

  • Real-Time Trading Signals (Daily): Get notified with real-time trading ideas with entry, SL & TP.

  • Access to a full video course breaking down the intricacies of the Forex markets. Learn How to identify order blocks, FVG's, multi-timeframe structure, and so much more.

  • Daily Analyst Livestreams: Expert insights into market conditions and learn how to become a well-rounded trader.

  • Evolving Library of Educational Content: Explore our pre-made educational content on everything related to crypto, forex, and investing.

  • Engage with other crypto, forex and business enthusiasts who are on a mission to make money.

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💵 C.E.O's

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Online course


Watch me trade DAILY & teach you my thought process behind every decision (yes, I’m gonna teach you how to print money)
Full Video Course
Access to a full video course on how to identify order blocks, FVG's, multi-timeframe structure, and so much more.
Instantly become profitable by removing all the guesswork, using my curated TPs & SLs even if you’re a complete beginner
24/7 support
Immediate replies to any problem you face, every day of the week.
Vibrant Community
Join a tribe of winners, who are on the same path as you and understand your struggles better than anyone else
Customer Q&A
Q: What trade signal do you provide? Forex Pairs , what pairs? Indices? options?
A: Hello, We provide signals on forex and indicies. Generally major pairs.
Asked on Dec 4, 2023
Q: Can i pay using crypto?
A: Yes, you can pay using crypto! I accept TRC20, ERC20 USDT or BTC.
Asked on Jan 8, 2024
Q: I'm interested in accessing the VIP areas of the Discord server, including VIP signals,Do you have trial period ?? Thanks 😊
A: I don't offer a trail period as the value provided in the VIP group is invaluable and a trial period would not only devalue the service but it would also be unfair to the current members who are paying full price! Thank you for your understanding.
Asked on Feb 12, 2024
Q: Most prop firms ban social trading. How can we use your signals safely without violating any social or copy trading rules of prop firms?
A: There are over 100+ members currently inside the VIP group and we have never had any issues with 'social trading' - Unless there's thousands of people taking the exact same trade, at the exact same time on the exact same broker, I don't think it's gonna be an issue.
Asked on Apr 3, 2024
Q: Hi, Do you trade only London or New york market as well?
A: Hi, We have a strategy for London and NY session. Therefore it's a case of seeing where the better setup is offered.
Asked on May 19, 2024
Customer reviews
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(2 reviews)
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2 months ago
If u want to really learn and upgrade your trading overall, hands down its the best place for you
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2 months ago
Joining this groups definitely is the best part of my trading journey :)
What is the main focus of this trading community?
Our community primarily focuses on Crypto, FX, and Indices. We provide expert insights, education, tailored trade suggestions, and personalized mentorship to help members navigate the trading world.
I'm new to trading. Is this community suitable for beginners?
Absolutely! Our community caters to both beginners and experienced traders. We offer educational content to help newcomers understand the basics and mentorship to guide them through their trading journey.
Is there a refund policy?
We have a strict no-refund policy. However, you are able to cancel your subscription at any time.
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CEO Trades
Trading • Technical Analysis

2 reviews

Private Forex trading community offering: 🔍Real-time trade ideas 🤝Mentorship 💻Live Trading 🌟and much more.

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