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Cifer Strategies

(2 reviews)

Actionable investment & trading strategies developed by fund managers

Everything you need to become a complete trader. Can be used by anyone in addition to retail strategies. If your looking for a method to validate your ideas these are the type of tools you need.

Requried (subscription to sierra charting package 11)

Featuring 9 custom made charts for use with sierra charting platform (the most advanced available)


Footprint chart with: trading DOM, cumulative delta profile, Depth of market (DOM) with pulling and stacking, bid and ask stack imbalances, VWAP study and Initial range study.

5x TPO (time price oppertunity) charts: Monthly, Weekly, Daily, AM, PM charts. All charts have been customised and include Volume by price studies, Value areas and POC

VWAP study chart: a renko candlestick charts that included VWAP study angle, VWAP bands with 1.5 &2 standard deviation bands. Custom delta divergence trigger

Liquidity Heatmap - custom made liqudity settings with large order displays and cumulative delta candlesticks, VWAP study with 2 standard deviation bands.

Depth of market (DOM)

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sierra chartbook

FX Futures Live Analysis
Pre London mark ups & daily updates as we execute positions
Equity Research
Weekly tactical insights into major equity markets and US stocks
Economic Biases
Monthly economic updates and articles to help investors grasp dynamic capital markets through the economic lens
24/7 Support
Get support around the clock inside our community.
Learn and share with like minded traders. Because everyone can use a little guidance.
Prop Firm Server
We have created a server inside our community just for prop firm news. Find out who can trust and who you can't.
Customer Q&A
Q: do you still offer a 7 day free trial?
A: Hello Currently we do not have a free trial active as we have just changed platforms and the transfer is incomplete. We are prepared to offer a free trial for 1 month given that the new platform is brand new. Feel free to reach out to us via our website or IG channel, and we will set you up with a free month. Thank you
Asked on Apr 16, 2024
Customer reviews
5 out of 5
(2 reviews)
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9 months ago
I wanted to see how I could utilise the futures data into my own strategy after seeing Cifer on social media. It has really been an excellent addition and taken a lot of guesswork out. Top quality analysis on the equity side too. Would recommend.
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9 months ago
Professional platform with great analysis for anyone looking to get ahead and manage their portfolio better. Very accurate morning outlooks for FX traders also, seems to be a different style from the usual retail content circulating online. Well worth the monthly fee.
Who is CIFER for?
We provide investment analysis to retail investors and day traders. If you are a forex trader that does not utilise the kind of data we share, you are trading blind quite frankly. Whether you fully adopt our method or just add it to your existing strategy, we are confident we will help you improve your edge in the market. Secondly, our investment analysis and ideas is perfect for retail investors who want to support their portfolios with a systematic view, and have access to new ideas every week.
Do I Need To Access Specific Software?
You don't require any professional feeds or charged services, you can mark up your intraday charts the same as ours for free. However, you will need access to brokers to open and close leveraged or ordinary positions
Do you offer refunds?
We do not offer refunds, however your plan is flexible and can be cancelled at any time.
What do your economic updates entail?
Our economic updates offer in-depth analysis of capital markets through an economic perspective, aiming to aid understanding.
About the seller
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Cifer Strategies
Trading • Technical Analysis

2 reviews

Cifer Strategies is an independent research company that provides equity and FX futures analysis. In addition to our published analysis, Cifer strategies are real fund managers with academic and professional qualifications in the field, 15+ years experience. We don't use guess work or retail theories, we utilise real data and publish our views in a systemic manner. If you are looking to learn how big players manage funds from daily trading ideas to portfolio management, you are in the right place.

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