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Technical Analysis (Any Coin)
In-depth technical analysis for any coin that the community requests + my own top projects
My Personal Trading Techniques
I’ll walk you through the exact secret techniques I use to manage risk and take profits to create massive wealth through
Secret Undervalued Gems
I’ve been in the crypto game for over a decade. I know the signs of highly successful projects & I want to share them.
Exclusive Portfolio Insights
I’ll give you insights on exactly what to hold short term, long term, what to sell, etc.
Essential Information
I'll be doing regular deep-dives on projects that I think have high potential + I’ll update you on exactly what you need
Customer Q&A
Q: New to crypto here. Looking to learn how to trade but not sure what a good platform is. Suggestions?
A: There is a ton of free content in the Discord that you can utilize to learn how to crush each crypto cycle and every trade
Asked on Jun 28, 2024
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(16 reviews)
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22 days ago
Best information you can get on crypto. Very honest and straight forward.
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a month ago
A straight up guy with good advice, Im glad to see younger minds thinking critically and listening…I suggest joining
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a month ago
Nick has a tonne of information on offer in both premium and free access. Constant updates and in depth reviews of tokens and the market in general. Perfect for new comers and veterans of crypto alike. Highly recommend
Will you tell us when you enter and exit positions?
Yep! I'll tell you when I enter/exit personally as well as update you on how I'm technically feeling about the chart.
About the seller
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Crypto Crusaders
Trading • Crypto

16 reviews

Hi, I'm NCashOfficial, and this is my officlal community. I built a community of over 150,000+ members across all platforms and now I'm starting a discord so that I can help people more closely. I have a paid section where I give out info I can't give to everyone & build a serious, quality community but there's still a lot of free content I provide on my socials. This discord will be incredibly valuable if you're getting into crypto or want to expand/manage your portfolio. I'll be giving out: Technical Analysis My Personal Trading Techniques Undervalued Crypto Gems My Exclusive Portfolio Insights Essential Updating Market Info My Own Deep Project Research & More...

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