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Dodgy's Dungeon

(93 reviews)

#1 ICT Trader Streams Everyday

  • Live Trading/Tape Reading every day where I go over my live th-oughts
  • Private Daily Price Action Reviews
  • Showing my good entries versus bad entries in real-time
  • Live thought process
  • Live Education
  • Daily Bias for NQ/ES/YM/DXY/Forex/Gold/SPY/QQQ
  • Index Commentary + Day-Trading Bias
  • Occasional Alerts (Depends on Week + News)
  • Private Livestream Recordings
  • Access to Premium Discord
  • LIKE-MINDED ICT Traders to chat with 24/7
  • When to Paper Trade, NOT Trade, and Live Trade
  • Occasional Weekly Saturday Morning Reviews Coffee and Chill
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Live Trading
Live Trades + Commentary - Live trades provided by Ryan on the trading floor
24/7 Support
I offer support 24/7 (as long as I am not sleeping) if you DM me through twitter/discord twitter @dodgysdd
Private Chat Active 24/7
Private chat that is EXTREMELY active (especially during live streams) + great community
Customer question & answers
What times do you trade live with the group?
My schedule is in #stream-schedule in discord but typically 9 to about 10:30/11 Some days I go until 12 and some days if the morning sucks I will go live in afternoon
Answered 2 months ago
How many other streamers do you have on your live stream?
Mostly me but if I am not there I have a few others, the main one is Leppyrd
Answered 2 months ago
Does is ifvg setup take place very day?
Normally yes
Answered 2 months ago
Do you also have copy trading? I'm in New Zealand so the times you trade I'm either sleeping as I work shift work or I'm working.
Nope. Lol
Answered 2 months ago
What do you guys trade? Options, Stocks, Forex? What exactly?
I trade indexes, specifically NQ and analyze YM and ES. They move the cleanest compared to everything in the market. You can trade spy and qqq options off of nq and es
Answered 22d ago
Do you have exclusive educational video content uploaded on the discord? Or is the only video content you provide the livestreams?
Mostly the video content I provide in livestreams which is 10x the lengths of my youtube videos and the best way to learn because it's LIVE time and not hindsight
Answered 2 months ago
Does course include discord and live trading? For how long?
It does not I have uploaded past live streams in them though (10 exactly) so you can watch if you want
Answered 1 month ago
Customer reviews
4.9 out of 5
(93 reviews)
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19h ago
Love Leppyrd & Mark. Learned a lot!
Purchased PM Stream Access Add-on 12d ago
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3d ago
This is the best place that I have found to learn about daytrading. There is an emphasis on education and building discipline. Dodgy's livestreams are excellent and he shares his reasons for taking or not taking trades, while working to build trade conviction in his audience. You can ask questions, and all questions for Dodgy are answered.
Purchased Premium GOLD Membership 2 months ago
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4d ago
Best live trading discord I have been in. Teaches you how to trade. Doesn't just give signals. Loving every minute of it so far.
Purchased Premium GOLD Membership 23d ago
What's your refund policy?
If you pay, you get a month. No refunds. I am expecting serious inquiries, not trials.
Do you live stream everyday?
Yes, I live stream in my discord every single morning starting at 9am eastern (sometimes 8:30 on news days) until about 10:30 or 12. Some days go longer
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Dodgy's Dungeon
Trading β€’ General

93 reviews

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I trade live every day based off ICT and call price in live time very accurately. I am working on making you self-sustainable for the future using ICT concepts, the best concepts in the game! πŸš€

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