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You finally want to become profitable? You need guidance and someone who holds you accountable for your actions. I got you.

1-on-1 Mentorship with emfreeze.

This Mentorship Module will build your core foundation in understanding time, price, risk management and trading psychology.

This Mentorship Module alone is the essence of hundreds of days of screen time and studying different trading strategies.

Save yourself a lot of time, money, blown accounts and frustration. Start the right way!

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TA & Alerts
emfreeze will share his trade thesis and live updates. Focus is on US indices, EU/GU/USD, Gold, Oil and Bitcoin
Prop Firm Challenge Guidence
Receive educational assistance with your prop firm challenges.
Premium Channels
Unlimited access to premium channels where you can chat and ask questions directly to emfreeze
Education & live streams
You'll receive education in the form of lessons and curated content (resources) & occasional London + NY live streams
1-on-1 Education
(Addition Cost) Private messaging channels & 1-on-1 sessions with emfreeze for a personalized learning experience.
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a month ago
Nachdem ich im ersten halben Jahr der "Tradinglehre" den Wald vor lauter Bäumen nicht gesehen habe, von Strategie zu Strategie gesprungen bin und teure Programme gekauft habe, die mich nicht langfristig weiter brachten, bin ich auf Empfehlung in den Discord Channel von Emfreeze gekommen. Hier wurde mir ein Setup an die Hand gegeben, bei dem ich ein einfaches "Regelwerk" abarbeiten kann und nahezu täglich Einstiege für Trades finde, die mich inzwischen langfristig profitabel gemacht haben. Ein weiterer enormer Vorteil ist, dass dir ermöglicht wird, schon während des Lernprozesses profitable Trades durch die Analysen und Streams von Emfreeze durchzuführen. Außerdem schockt die Community einfach üübelst :D
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a month ago
Two weeks in and my trading literally did a 360°, in a good way! Emfreeze calls his trading "boring", because it should be boring if done right. Little did i know how true this is. Now every trade setup is built around a context and if there is no context and time + price doesn't align, there is no trade. He really keeps us accountable for every single trade or trade idea. During the live trading streams we quickly learned what boxes have to be checked in terms of time, price and psychology for us to form a high probability setup, execute and manage the trade professionally. He's very responsive pretty much all day around and no questions is unanswered. After struggling for months, I literally passed several evals after just two weeks! Tomorrow is the last trading day before my very first payout. I will gladly edit this review and attach the payout proof if it let's me edit and upload a picture. Thanks emfreeze! Very confident for the future together with you and I look forward to see your community evolving Bro.
Will one on one scheduling be available on weekends?
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Trading • Technical Analysis

2 reviews

Welcome to emfreeze's premium community! Our goal is to help every investor improve their skill set and better themselves in both their personal and financial lives. The foundation of our community is built solely on our drive to become better investors. No matter what level of knowledge you came in here with, we hope to assist you in any way we can. We're happy to have you here!

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