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Save time and money on College

Access to the Fastrack step-by-step college planning guide.

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Massive Savings
Save up to two years and over $70,000 on college costs with our proven blueprint towards an efficient degree.
Actionable Steps
Direct access to expert advice, with up-to-date, actionable strategies tailored to optimize your high school scheduling.
Information You Can Trust
Escape the outdated and often costly advice from conventional consultants and high school counselors with outdated info.
Monthly Raffle
Raffle for our Done-For-You College Planning Service ($10,000). This service is tailored to your individual needs.
Access To Our Team
Access to our founder and other team members.
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(2 reviews)
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9 days ago
I have known Andrew for a little over a year at this point, as a partner in business as well as a trusted friend. He has been a essential part of the team and plays a vital role with his knowledge and expertise. I know the information in this guide comes from a reputable source. This guide is the culmination of Andrew's own experience, expertise, and research coupled with other expert's knowledge. Each step in the guide is easy to understand and is in a comprehensive format, saving you hours researching the topic. The guide does a great job explaining a complex topic in an easy to understand format. This is a great option if you are a parent looking for an alternative route for your child, while still getting a formal education.
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25 days ago
I have had the pleasure of working with Andrew, the founder of Fastrack, on multiple businesses for a few years now. We initially hired him as a developer to help with an intense 6-week project and he was crucial to our success. He was just 19 at the time, having recently graduated early with a computer science degree. Through saving money and time by graduating in 2 years, he was quickly ready to use his knowledge and lack of debt to get started building businesses and earning. He caught our attention and thoroughly impressed us. Andrew is now one of my most trusted team members in both competence and character. I’ve witnessed him since day 1 develop the Fastrack program to share his knowledge on how to expedite college & save money. I know everything in his guide is true, effective, and tested. The value I’ve seen him provide for people while working on this project is incredible. $10 is an incredible deal to learn how to save tens of thousands (maybe $100,000+) on school and hit the workforce faster with a competitive edge.
Why should I pay for the guide and group access instead of trying to do this all on my own?
You can do this without guidance, but a perfectly optimized plan can make a difference of tens of thousands of dollars and more semesters saved. For example, our founder saved around $50k when he created his own college plan, but knowing what we know now, he could have saved $15k more. Our college planning guide will save you time researching this topic and give you the peace of mind that you’re doing it right. You will not find this level of experience or attention to detail anywhere else, especially for the cheap introductory price of $10/month.
How can we trust that you're giving credible information?
You can read through some of the feedback we have received up to this point, and we will continue to post up to date reviews as we grow. Our founder Andrew wrote this step by step highschool course planning guide on how to graduate in 2 years, after he went through the process himself and noticed there were limited resources on how this was possible, and that not many people were aware this was even an option. Taking this approach saved him a substantial amount of time and money, and set him up for early career success as an Entreprenuer. Additionally, Our business thrives if we deliver you results, so we are incentivised to provide accurate information that is helpful.
My child is in 8th grade, is it too soon to buy the guide and start gathering information?
Our approach is tailored to students that are in 8th grade or above, as most states allow students to begin taking dual credit courses in their freshman or sophomore year of highschool. Getting started early is the best way to plan for your college education and save the most amount of time and money.
What if my child doesn't know what their major will be yet or what school they will be attending? What if they change their mind?
Though it may help for increased planning and schedule optimization, knowing your major is not required. Our founder Andrew who earned his B.Sc in Computer Science in under two years didn't pick his major until after he graduated highschool. The program is set up so that changes to your major will have a minimal impact.
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We teach students in 9-12th grade how they can earn their bachelor's degrees in two years instead of four through dual credit classes and optimized high school course scheduling. These students and their parents save an average of $70,000 throughout the process, and are able to begin earning money with a degree two years sooner than their peers. Our founders have designed a step-by-step college planning guide, which gives you the tools and information you need to acheive this. The guide walks you through how to create an optimized schedule on your own, allowing your child to earn their bachelors in two years and save $70,000+. We provide an alternative approach to the poor advice that is being pushed by expensive consultants and high school counselors that are lacking updated information. Click the button above to purchase the guide.

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