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Smart Finance Tracker

Never lose track of your finances

✅ Track your transactions
Internal Automations
Accounts (Banks & Cards)
Set your budget
Happiness Tracker
Basic 3d Icons   Never lose track of your finances

All-in-one Notion Dashboard to automate, visualize, and manage your finances 💸


Check out the website for features and more info:

Check out the website


How this Finance Tracker is the best Financial Tracker ever created on Notion 😱?

This tracker is designed to minimize most of the friction that you usually get while inputting your transactions, managing finances, etc.

This template is filled with internal & external automations that will help you


Get Mindful 😇, not Mindfull 🥵 with your finances

The idea of having a finance tracker is to get mindful about your finances but before this Notion template managing finances on Notion wasn't that easy. You had to update relations, filters, etc on a monthly basis even weekly sometimes.


Here's an example of how I tried to make things versatile on this Finance Tracker: https://youtu.be/AOAsUN2By_8


What's Inside

✅ Track your transactions (automated for smart and ultimate version only)

✅ Internal Automations

✅ Accounts (Banks & Cards)

✅ Set your budget

✅ Happiness Tracker

✅ Subscription Tracker

✅ Automation capabilities

✅ Financial Goals Tracker

✅ Finance Planner (Annual, Quater, Monthly view)

✅ Investment Tracker

✅ Debt Tracker

✅ Visualization (charts, graphs, etc.)


Available in 3 themes




Does this work on the free version of Notion?

Yes, once you've made your purchase, a link with be sent to you to duplicate this to your Notion workspace.


Can I duplicate this template to share with my team/friends?

No, this is temple is published under personal license for individual use.


Still have questions?

Send your feedback or queries to atul@atulanand.co

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Website link

Basic Finance Tracker

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