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Frog School Futures - Auction Theory

(17 reviews)

Where tadpoles grow legs

Real Time Trades + Live Stream + Voice Commentary on ES+ NQ futures

Daily Market Plan and Levels for ES futures + NQ futures

Option Trades on various equities

Education Hub of constantly aggregated educational material

Community of serious futures and options traders

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Live Trading
ES & NQ trades posted in real time, often live-streamed
Daily Plan
ES & NQ plans and levels published every night
Education Hub
a hub of constantly aggregated educational material
a community of smart, hilarious, and hard working traders
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Customer reviews
5 out of 5
(17 reviews)
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a month ago
I can't recommend this trading service enough. The individual behind it provides A1 analysis and insights, helping me make informed decisions in the volatile market. His strategies are well-researched and backed by data, resulting in consistent returns. Plus, his customer support is excellent, always available to answer any questions and provide guidance. Thanks Froggy ๐Ÿ’š
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2 months ago
Unlike other futures/orderflow traders Froggy gives clear direction and thesis for his trades. He doesn't speak in riddles like some on Fintwit. There typically isn't any grandiose bottom and top picking that involve huge stops, just straightforward intraday trades. The sub works well on its own, or to give weight to your own trading biases during the trading day. I've had many subs over the years and this is top three.
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2 months ago
Frog school has been eye opening. Have been watching markets daily for over 15 years and Frog is hands down the best intraday trader I have seen. Heโ€™s able to apply his method and share with the room so itโ€™s understandable and actionable in real time. If you can control your own emotions then with his help you can definitely succeed in this game. Highly recommend joining the room.
Why Frog School?
Frog School heavily emphasizes developing the trader with personalized and individualized support. Frog *actually* cares about your success.
About the seller
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Frog School
Trading โ€ข Stocks

17 reviews

Frog School is a tight-knit educational community in which you will learn concepts pulling from auction market theory, volume profile, and more, as it relates to ES, NQ, and stocks. 1-on-1 support is available with a heavy emphasis on mindset and finding a system that works for you.

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