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One of One Models with Full Projections. Full EV site + hit rates / charts. +70u on Twitter, legitimately tracked daily. +2200 today. (7/7) Check TL.

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Q: i was wondering which was better value, the ev website only or the ev discord for $9?
A: It depends what you are interesting in! You can gain access to my models specifically and projections for $12 through MLB discord only options. I think you should give the all access a shot if you want both! The site has EV for the cheapest price and a whole hit rate / graphs / and more for $9 only if you want to only do that. It’s all user specific!
Asked on Apr 9, 2024
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(11 reviews)
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a month ago
Furnace is HIM. Listen this discord is done right. The models are legit. No garuntees or gimmicks here, Furn and his trusted contributors take their time to prepare models on games and teach you how to properly make smart bets. I started with 150 and I am slowly past 2K in 2 months, not on Hail Mary plays, on smart consistent betting. The discord is full of knowledge. Stop paying cappers and wishing for huge success, come here and do it right.
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a month ago
Honestly the best discord I’ve ever been in. Furn is doing the lords work. When you join Furns discord you get full transparency, winning plays backed by real research and data, cappers that are actually active and social and willing to help, and it’s all at a very very reasonable price. If your not in then you don’t like money.
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a month ago
I don't consider myself a great gambler at all; I'm actually pretty fucking mid, so I've been in plenty of discords (ranging from free to $50+) for betting. I can confidently, without a doubt, say that Furnace's cord/website is hands down the BEST on the market. Get the subscription. I guarantee you won't regret the $30 because you'll make it all back + more on a daily basis.
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