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Gala Trades

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Big profits and small losses consistently.

Become a part of the ultimate discord community with knowledgeable and professional environment. By joining you will get access to daily watchlists, trade alerts and breakdowns, trading chat and many more.

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Live trading sessions
Get access to live trading sessions on zoom or discord voice chat where I trade online and explain the trades.
Trade alerts
Get access to written trade alerts and position management alerts from Gala.
Get access to daily watchlists and focus on trades trades with significant opportunities.
Trade breakdowns
Get access to regular trade breakdowns with detailed explanation.
Trading chat
Get access to trading chat and engage in communication with other members.
Get support with your experience in Discord with help of our Mods.
Get your chance to participate in giveaways and win valuable prizes.
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2d ago
I've been working with many so-called coaches that were 50/50 right on their trades. With Gala in other hand, I can assure you, if you follow his cherry-picked rules, you will have sustainable gains and minimal losses.
Purchased 22d ago
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11d ago
Do not hesitate and join!!! If you truly want to learn how to trade properly with small stop loss and maximize your profit then you come to the right place. It is not about how much you make but ultimately it is about to keep loss so minimal so you can maximize your profit! Before joining Gala, I am just like most trader wandering and looking for a "perfect" system to make money every day. And like 99% of traders, I failed over and over. Once joined Gala, he emphasized and helped me understand how to lose firstly and maximize profit with proper setup trading with the trend only. I used to trade random stocks every day hoping something would land for profit and ultimately that had doomed my progress. With Gala system, I can identify repeatable setup with high win rate and only trading most common tickers like AAPL, TSLA, NVDA, AMZN, META, MSFT and SPY. Win or lose I just want to do the right thing every day by showing up and take good trades with good setup. This had helped me made tremendous progress. "Do not try to understand market, understand yourself first"
Purchased 22d ago
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13d ago
Recently joined the channel. Overall, if you're looking for a trade channel with a clear strategy and a helpful community, this channel is a top choice. It has certainly improved my trading skills and confidence.
Purchased 23d ago
Who is this discord for?
This discord membership is for traders of all levels. From a complete beginner to advanced professional. We believe that each one of them can get a valuable knowledge and great experience from our discord.
How many times zoom / discord voice live trading sessions per week there will be?
There will be at least 2-3 zoom live trading sessions each week. But mostly we will try to do 5 zoom sessions each week.
Will I have any support with discord and navigation?
Yes! We will assist you in discord and try to give you best experience from our community.
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Gala Trades
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4 reviews

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GALA TRADES is the place for all traders around the world. We are building a community for those who want to excel in trading. We teach and entertain with our own high quality trades and breakdowns. Join us and make a solid step towards your future success!

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