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Glass Factory by Will Lasry

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Making manufacturing transparent

  • All-Access Manufacturers list (150+ factories). 10 factories to be added every month.
  • List of trade shows where the best factories can be met.
  • List of blanks suppliers tested and trusted by Glass Factory team.
  • Glass Factory Discord (all-access chat)
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All-Access Manufacturers list

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Top-tier factory list
Our team travels around the world, visiting factories to curate the top list of suppliers for your brand.
Jumpstart your clothing brand with our custom templates made in-house and tested by us.
For top-tier subscribers, get free monthly calls with Will.
And More!
We're constantly innovating to bring you more perks and delightful surprises.
Customer Q&A
Q: I'm looking for wholesale manufacturers for Grappling (jiu-jitsu) gear, like compression gear from U but thicker. IS there a resource on this site?
A: Yes! We are updating the All-Access sheet with a phenomenal martial arts (BJJ as well) manufacturer on February 1st. They work with many reputable brands like shoyoroll.
Asked on Jan 26, 2024
Q: Will how do I reach you by email I have a different use case for your services
A: You can reach out to info@glassfactory.info for any questions :)
Asked on Jan 23, 2024
Q: Left you an email, but do you have any resources on factories that actually make glassware?
A: Not yet featured, but will be added in the coming months as we expand our factory offerings
Asked on Mar 2, 2024
Q: is PayPal your only way of payment?
A: For the time being yes, but please keep in mind that PayPal accepts all big credit card providers (and most small ones).
Asked on Jan 30, 2024
Q: Hey there, trying to find a good manufacturer for high-quality Flipflops and slippers . Does your list contain some? Thank you.
A: Yes quite a few options actually.
Asked on Jan 24, 2024
Customer reviews
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(2 reviews)
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6d ago
The manufacturer list isn’t what I thought it would look like unfortunately… Kinda disappointed for this price point I had really high expectations but paying the $55 USD (we paid $80 CAD) was not worth it. Just look at Will’s videos, guarantee you’ll find a manufacturer or search the manufacturers yourself on alibaba or any other platform. I'm telling you, it’s not worth it.
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3 months ago
Total waste of money. The guy can't respond to a simple email in a 4+ month period. Half the companies/contacts that are listed here don't even exist based on the follow up I've done. Wish I had cancelled sooner.
Why does Glass Factory exist?
Brand owners struggle to find reliable manufacturing partners to bring their product ideas to life. Sourcing quality factories online is very challenging and it can be even harder to know what is truly going on inside the factory. Glass Factory was created to visit and document these factories in a very clear way so that brand owners do not have to. We spend our entire year travelling around the world visiting premium factories in the textile, apparel, and fashion accessories space. We film them from front to back, show off product they made, what their facilities look like, what their MOQs are, price ranges, etc.
What does the Exclusive Manufacturer's list include?
It includes over 50 different factories that manufacture a wide range of apparel including streetwear, luxury, activewear, and more. MOQs are as low as 50 units for some factories. Countries include USA, Japan, Italy, Spain, China, and more.
What does the All-Access Manufacturer's list include?
It includes over 150 different factories that manufacture a wide range of apparel including streetwear, luxury, activewear, loungewear, sportswear, womenswear, as well as accessories, vinyl figures, woven labels, stickers, and so much more. MOQs are as low as 50 units for some factories. Over 20 countries included with factories like Canada, USA, Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Poland, China, Vietnam, Thailand, and more. For each factory, we include contact information for you to easily reach out to the factories directly. Some factories include price ranges and product pictures as well.
What is a techpack / What is included in the techpacks you provide?
A techpack is a blueprint the manufacturer uses to convert your design into a physical product. It includes all of the measurements, decorations, labels, folding and packaging instructions, and more. In the same way you would make a blueprint before building a house, you would make a techpack before crafting a garment. A great techpack saves you tons of time and money because it leads to less samples being made. We include over 15 techpacks that act as templates for the products you make with factories. We have made techpack templates for tshirts, hoodies, sweatpants, jeans, hats, socks, sneakers, and more. The Glass Factory team has personally used these techpacks to communicate with countless factories.
Future plans?
We want our community to guide which countries we visit to uncover the best factories. We plan on eventually providing premium factories across every industry. Join the discord community and vote on where we travel to next!
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Glass Factory
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Glass Factory is a platform created to connect brand owners with premium factories. Our team travels the world visiting the best factories and filming them. Each factory includes key information like MOQs, brands they work with, direct contact information, and more. We want to give brand owners access to the best factories.

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