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Golden Ticket Trades

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The one stop shop for all of your needs to secure your future. Everything that you will need for your financial journey is available.

FREE Membership. Comes with 1 Free Trade Callout Per Week

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Interactive Learning Platform
We offer discussions, seminars, and workshops on our Discord platform for an enriching financial learning experience.
Stock Options Call outs
We offer real time call outs for Day Trades & Swing Trades on the stock market
1 on 1 Help
Limited 1 on 1 help. Extensive 1on1 help can be purchased within the discord
We offer the best education to help jumpstart your financial stock trading journey
Sports Betting
We show you how to get Free Money for Sports betting. Members are making Thousands from this method with NO RISK.
Forex Plays
Live callouts for Forex (currencies). Weekends included
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(6 reviews)
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2 months ago
I love being apart of this community. Since joining I felt welcomed and comfortable so that I was able to learn what they have to offer. My trading and understanding has gotten so much better. I’m still very new but I feel confident learning with Golden Ticket 💪💪
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2 months ago
I came across this community from Reddit, grateful that I did. I work a full time job, on a mission to go full time. Being able to be a part of the chat, and especially Deadstar’s morning livestreams has already been invaluable in helping progress. The community is happy to share what works for them, their indicators strategy and philosophy. It’s not only helped in how I trade, but also in my understanding of market structure. This has helped me beyond just options, in my futures trading, just overall helping me better my understanding of market structure and how to engage with it. TLDR Deadstar is knowledgeable as hell, and has a great understanding of the market. If you’d like to be a part of a community that will help you improve your trading, you’d be missing out not to join. Would highly recommend.
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2 months ago
The owner is super nice and always tries to give advice. You can tell he isn't all about making money and truly wants to help each other. Depending on your style of trading, he is more on the safer side and des not play too risky which is good for beginners
How much do I need to start trading?
We recommend starting with at least a $500-$1000 bankroll.
How can I access the Discord?
Once purchased, you will receive an invitation link to join our exclusive Stock Trading Discord Platform. If any problems occur just message me and i will help you as soon as i can :)
What is your refund policy?
No refunds. All sales are final.
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Golden Ticket Discord
Trading • Technical Analysis

6 reviews

I always strive to be the hardest working person in the room. And I’ve spent thousands of hours working on my craft and mastering my techniques. Join me and I will teach you how to become a profitable trader

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