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Hive Trading

(3 reviews)

Kickstart Your Trading Day at 5AM! Tailored Strategies for Small-caps, SPY/SPX and QQQ by Seasoned Traders.

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Pre-market Small-caps
Small-cap trading starts at 5AM
Option trading
Main focus is SPY/SPX and QQQ.
Learn our Strategies
We share our strategies to help everyone become consistently profitable.
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Customer reviews
5 out of 5
(3 reviews)
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2 months ago
Great owner.. informative discord.
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2 months ago
I’ve had the pleasure of learning and trading in real time with Hive Traders. This discord is an ever growing amazing community I am happy to be apart of. 10/10 would recommend joining.
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2 months ago
Hive Trading has been instrumental in my journey to becoming a consistently profitable trader. Their expert guidance, comprehensive strategies, and personalized support have truly made a difference. Thanks to Hive Trading, I now have the skills and confidence to navigate the markets effectively and achieve my financial goals. Highly recommended for anyone looking to succeed in trading.
Why do I need to start trading at 5AM?
We start at 5AM to catch the moves before majority of traders. For those that work a 9-5 this is the perfect opportunity to make trading a side hustle.
What strategies do you share for small-cap trading?
We provide specific strategies focusing on buying and selling patterns, timing, and risk management for small-cap trading.
What are the time frames for Small-caps and Options?
Our small-cap trading kicks off bright and early at 5AM to 9:30am. Option trading begins at 9:30AM to 4:00PM
What makes you stand out from the competition?
We teach a simple yet a very consistent strategy that our members can use every single day to capitalize in the stock market
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Hive Trading
Trading • Stocks

3 reviews

Our community is home to seasoned traders specializing in the nascent hours of the stock market. Our journey begins daily at 5AM where our dedicated team methodically shapes tailored strategies for our members with a primary focus on Small-caps and Options. Our mission is not only to help our members navigate the complex world of trading but also to empower them to become consistently profitable. With carefully curated strategies and a community driven by financial growth, we're here to redefine your trading day.

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