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Trading Made Simple

Are you tired of struggling in trading?

Feeling like you're constantly hitting roadblocks instead of making actual progress?

It's time to break free from the cycle.

The mentorship where success isn't just a possibility, its an inevitablity.

Don't let another opportunity slip through your fingers.

Limited spots available.

Take charge of your trading journey and unlock your full potential.

Join us today and start trading with confidence like never before!

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Tom's Trading Plan/Journal

Trading Community
Active & thriving trading community where trading ideas are posted and questions are answered
Trading Plan and Journal
Get Access to Tom's complete trading strategy and plan that he uses everyday
Educational Content
Learn how to trade with in-house built trading strategies and become an independent profitable trader
Ask Tom question and get personalised feeback on how to improve your own trading
Market Analysis
Get Access to Tom's Daily and Weekly analysis and trade ideas
Weekly Webinars
Tom hosts a Weekly Masterclass & QnA every Sunday teaching Technical Analysis, Psychology and Risk Management.
Customer Q&A
Q: Before I purchase I wanna know what’s the difference between the Premium monthly membership vs. the 1 on 1 monthly membership?
A: The 1 on 1 mentorship includes all the premium benefits with the addition of more specific one on one mentorship. This includes 1 on 1 calls where I break down your current trading process and tell you exactly what you need to do to become profitable. This is a tailorfit mentorship to your needs to help you become profitable as wuickly as possible.
Asked on May 9, 2024
Q: Hello Tom, I want to get 1-1 mentorship, so after buying what time will the call be arranged? Since Im currently in Dubai.
A: You'll get sent a Calendly link where it shows all my available times in your local timezone so you can book in a time that best suits you. It's really flexible.
Asked on May 11, 2024
Q: Would you teach me the exact trading techniques, psychologies and methodologies you used when you went from $20 - $100K?
A: I teach my complete trading approach from strategy to psychology and breakdown how I flipped the account.
Asked on May 13, 2024
Q: I have zero experience in the trading side.I have been following tom for a longer time.Is it going to be start from the fundamentals ?
A: The community had education for all levels of experience, there are calls breaking down the fundamentals and if you ever are confused there are multiple Q&A formats to answer any questions you have.
Asked on Jun 9, 2024
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(19 reviews)
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13d ago
Amazing group, really helpful. The videos are amazing as well. Will be even better when Tom's trading course is released as well!
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16d ago
I recently enrolled in Tom's course, and I found it to be a highly rewarding investment in my learning journey. The course content is well structured, offering a comprehensive overview of trading, market structure, and price action. Each module is presented with clarity and depth, making complex topics easily understandable.
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18d ago
This group is amazing and I respect Tom's direct help
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Trading β€’ Forex

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Trading the financial markets since 2020. Making Trading simple.

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