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JNZ Mentorship

  • Zoom Link,
  • JNZFX Signals,
  • Weekly chart Outlooks,
  • JNZFX Course Content,
  • JNZFX Daily Analysis,
  • Members Only Chat,
  • Members Only Voice Channel,
  • Wins / Losses Channels.


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Zoom Link
Access to the London session live zoom link to have 0 delay, ask me priority questions and connect with the community
JNZFX Course Content
Get access to 3+ hours on everything you need to know from the basics of trading to psychology in a video format
JNZFX Signals
Access to all of JNZFX Signals to Earn while you are learning to trade the markets
Weekly Outlooks
Jump on a Zoom call with myself and the members every Monday at 10 am AEDT to go over what is expected for the new week
Daily Analysis
Get a Daily in-depth analysis of US30 and XAUUSD
Members Only Chat
Chat and share ideas with the other VIP members to grow together and work with a solid community
Members Only Voice Chat
Jump on the private voice channel with serious traders to share ideas and connect.
Wins / Losses Channel
Post all of your wins and losses to get feedback from Janez and other experienced traders in VIP
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2 months ago
I highly recommending joining Janez’ VIP Group. With his VIP membership, you will receive his daily analysis for Gold and US30, Sunday weekly analysis, his newly created trading course, VIP members only Discord channels, Discord voice channel, live Zoom access during his London YouTube streams and weekly analysis, and trade signals. The benefits to learning are phenomenal. Janez explains everything in a detailed, extremely clear and concise way. His morning daily analysis is also extremely detailed and specific (and highly educational). He also offers live Zoom access to his weekly analysis every Sunday (which is archived if you can’t watch live), and Janez is always willing to answer any questions that you have. The weekly analysis is so thorough that it’s like a trading course/seminar within itself. Janez doesn’t just give his analysis, he also explains the reasons behind what he’s thinking and doing. The Members only Discord group is also very helpful. Janez is one of the traders within DVS, and he trades the London and New York sessions. If you want the opportunity to learn trading or you want to bring your trading to a different level, I highly recommend joining his VIP group. Janez puts a lot into everything that he does. And he’s always there for help and guidance.
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Trading • Technical Analysis

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Janez is a 19 Y/O Aussie who started trading in 2020. Going on four years of experience, Janez has gone through the expected struggles of a beginner trader and has grown into a consistent and profitable trader, with an 80%+ win rate specializing in XAUUSD, a fast-paced volatile pair. Janez started trading because he couldn't imagine himself working an average job. He wanted to do something that would allow him to work on his terms while making enough money so that he never had to worry about finances. Janez's preferred style of trading is scalping in the New York and London session, this allows him to be in and out of positions in short amounts of time. Janez is the host of the London session live stream every Tuesday and Thursday on YouTube and trades in front of hundreds of people in hopes of providing value to his audience. With 3+ years of experience trading in the forex market, Janez now wants to guide new and existing traders on the road to profitability so they can improve, reach their trading goals, enhance their quality of life, and reach a sense of freedom in all aspects of living.

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