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Elevate Your Trading And Join Our Unmatched Course And Discord Server!

Discover the world of trading like never before with our premium Trading product. Immerse yourself in a seamless user experience that gives you robust insights with our Trading offering.

Join our Trading course and Discord community and elevate your game! Choose from our Monthly (£120), Quarterly (£300) or Annual (£1000) plans. Expect real-time alerts, comprehensive market insights, and an active support community. Enhance your trading experience and get ready for more financially rewarding outcomes!

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Just Pips Academy

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Course Syllabus
Contains all the theory you need to excel your understanding in reading price action and forming a strategy.
Live Market Analysis
Our experts provide real-time market insights during trading hours to excel your learning.
Weekly Market Recaps
An in-depth review of the trades taken during the week, where we will provide an insight into our thought process.
Exclusive Market Webinars
The Webinars is the place to be if you have questions specific to your trading and understanding to assist your growth.
All members have the comfort of knowing this is a safe space to ask all students and educators for help or guidance.
One to one tuition is available at an additional cost. Please message for me information.
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5 out of 5
(8 reviews)
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6 months ago
In my short time of joining JPA it’s clear to see the system thought here works ! The chats are filled with fantastic traders all pushing towards the same goals , there is no egos in the chat which is great , just a group of traders wanting the best for eachother… I’ve only been able to attend a couple of group calls however they where filled with gems .. id recommend to anyone who’s looking to improve their craft , beginner or novice there is a lot to learn here and I’m looking forward to the future and getting to know the team more 🙌🏻
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7 months ago
Exceptional course, mentors and community to be a part of, very high value content, if you want long term profitablity and are willing to put the work in then theres no better place. Grateful to be part of the team.
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8 months ago
best course I've tried without a doubt. all mentors and students are super nice and everyone tries to help. really good easygoing and friendly atmosphere in the group so you have fun while learning.
How does the Discord server aid in my trading strategies?
Our Discord server equips you with innovative tools and real-time market insights to enhance your trading strategies.
What additional support do I receive once I join the Discord server?
Mentors and students are available for any questions you have about our trading strategies.
What are the main benefits of joining your course and Discord server?
Real-time trading insights, innovative trading tools, mentorship from experienced traders, weekly webinars, ongoing support, and optional one-on-one tuition.
Do I need to be an experienced trader to join?
No, traders at all levels are welcome. Our expert mentors are available to support and guide you.
What's your refund policy?
There is a “NO REFUND” policy in the event the academy is undergoing a sale. There is only a refund policy when you purchase the academy at full price. You can tell if it’s on sale if a voucher code has been applied or if you see the word “sale” or “discount” on either the website or any social media platform. If you don’t see any of the above, then the academy is at full price. If you have had access to the learning material for 24 hours or more, you are not entitled to a refund if requested.
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Trading • Technical Analysis

8 reviews

Just Pips Academy is a vibrant and multifaceted trading community dedicated to empowering individuals to elevate their trading skills. We offer an unparalleled course and an engaging Discord server. Real-time market insights are shared during trading hours to keep you updated on the market trends. Our Discord server, rich with innovative tools, bolsters your trading strategies for a robust trading experience. As part of your trading journey, gain from the exclusive education delivered by our mentors, distinguished by their years of institutional trading experience. Weekly webinars facilitate exposure to the latest trading strategies and thorough market analysis, led by seasoned traders. With ongoing support from mentors and students, we assure assistance for any queries you may have. For a more personalised learning experience, we also offer one-to-one tuition for an additional fee. Join us as we guide you in your transformation into a skilled trader. Disclaimer: All financial products traded on margin carry a high degree of risk and the possibility of financial loss. Just Pips Academy and it's representatives takes no responsibility for loss incurred as a result trading. By signing up as a member you acknowledge that we are not providing financial advice. Please ensure that you fully understand the risks involved, and seek independent advice if necessary. Just Pips Academy itself does not carry out regulated activities. The only activities we carry out is education consequently, Just Pips Academy is not required to be authorised by a regulatory authority. We do not own any of the Trading strategy concepts. We are not financial advisors.

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