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Leppyrd's Jungle

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Market's #1 Tour Guide

Hello future profitable trader,

This product provides access to a fast-growing discord community aimed at facilitating your growth, development, and success as a futures and options trader.

This paid section gives you access to:

  • Daily live streams (M-F 9:00-11:00 EST)w/ Reliable and Leppyrd
  • Futures Alerts/Callouts
  • Options Alerts/Callouts
  • Options Flow
  • Fun, smart, engaging community
  • Access to 1 on 1's with Leppyrd and Reliable
  • Access to educational classes and events

Our live streams are recognized for their relaxed and laid-back atmosphere, primarily focusing on price action analysis. Mark and I explain why certain PD arrays should, and should not work, and what that tells us about the current draw for price.

Futures analysts consist of Leppyrd, Mark, Reliable, and Wyzrd.

Options analysts consist of Leppyrd, OutofOptions with daily stock charts, and Dev with options flow.

We are eager to help students with a strong, persistent mindset for trading.

We are always looking to improve the products we release so expect many additional features and improvements in the near future!

Please ensure, if signing up for an annual plan, that is what you want. As you only have 3 days after purchase to request a refund or it is final.

Before purchasing any Leppyrd's Jungle products please review our disclaimer located in our discord channel under the #disclaimer text chat.

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Every PD array discussed. Every question from the audience answered. Every single trading day.
Deep Knowledge
Bring a pencil and paper everyday. We go deep into concepts and give little gems that can help you navigate the markets.
We have a fun, safe, and engaging community. Everyone pushes one another to get better.
24/7 support from our staff who are eager to answer and solve the problems you have.
Access to 1-on-1 Meetings
Access to one 30 minute meeting a month with either Leppyrd or Reliable
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2 months ago
Member of both AM and PM streams. Leppyrd, Mark, Reliable, Dev, Options, Wyzrd - the whole crew - provide top notch guidance in the markets. If you want to learn about reading price and solidifying your model toward profitability, this is the place to be! GREAT community of traders.
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Leppyrd's Jungle
Trading • Technical Analysis

1 review

Leppyrd's Jungle is a fast-growing discord community aimed at facilitating your growth, development, and success as a futures and options trader.

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