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LIMIT Orders

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The only place to pass ANY prop challenge. Get Funded over 100,000$ +

  • Recommended for Prop Accounts.

  • Curated trades ONLY to you.

  • Pass ANY Prop Firm Challenge.

  • No Copy Trading Issues.

  • No IP-Address Issues.

  • I work with you 1on1 to pass your accounts with exact lot sizes and risk per trades. ( clearly defined rules)

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. You lose nothing.

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Daily Limit Orders
Daily Limit Orders on Forex and Indices. (Curated ONLY to you)
24/7 Support
You can ask me any question regarding trading, ANY time of the day.
Customer Q&A
Q: Hello, I have some questions, would you have other channels to contact you?
A: Hey, I do not have a public channel. You can message me on telegram(@shotrightup) or twitter.
Asked on Mar 16, 2024
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3 months ago
16/02/24 - My first purchase on Whop, so far good. Passed the second phase of my FTMO 100K. Will update when the first payout hits my bank account.
Why 599$?
There is no service in the market right now that passes ANY prop firm account without IP and Copy trading Issues. You are spending 599$ to potentially get funded over 100,000$.
Is this for beginner traders?
You should have a basic understanding of placing Limit orders, SL and TP.
Do you manage Funded Accounts?
Once you are funded, I can help you get your first payout with a 70/30 profit share with me.
What is the potential monthly income?
5% on a 100K Funded account is 5000$.
What is the process?
I will work with you '1on1' to achieve the profit target. Do not buy the service if you want to pass a challenge within a day. It is all about risk management and consistency.
About the seller
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LIMIT Orders
Trading • Forex

1 review

I am a funded trader. I have 4+ years experience in the Financial Markets and have enough payouts from Prop firms to teach you how to milk these firms.

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