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Locked In Trading

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We offer to teach a variety of different trading styles focused on how best to manage options, swings, or momentum day trades in todays market. With over 40 years of market experience amongst the analyst, our goal is to simplify the trading experience and provide exectuable ideas for anyone.

Regardless of whether you are new to trading or a seasoned veteran, there is something for everyone to learn from joining the Locked-In-Trading community that will help you along your journey.

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Red, Spy, Watch, Protrader alert, Capital Gains alert, LIT News

We filter thousands of analyst reports, SEC filings, & news articles every day to identify the best opportunities.
A.I. Trading Tools
Unusual option flow, break out or break down alerts, and unusual volume, and important news + MUCH MORE!
Receive access to over 40+ hours of educational content from beginner to professional.
Live Voice Trading
Daily livestreams with voice that includes Benzinga live feed to capture news, market movers, and more!
9+ Teachers
Track personal ideas offered by our team of analysts offering detailed strategies, analysis, rationale and more.
VIP Chat
Exclusive access to see and hear from Fintwit's finest as they share their ideas in real time.
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(4 reviews)
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1d ago
If you're looking for the sharp calls to trade daily, longs, or find a starter stock this is the place to be. Don't come in expecting answers right away. Learn how to use the Discord set-up, read the off-hours commentary, and appreciate knowledge being shared. This is the best Discord channel and team. Not a competition, no flex, just fun banter that consists of constant winning among the team. If you have a small portfolio, you should understand your room for error is thin. Why mess around with others who won't point in the right direction most of the time? These guys here got the set-up. Thanks!!!
Purchased Trading 15d ago
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24d ago
Great network and wonderful service!
Purchased Trading 2 months ago
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3 months ago
If you want to be serious and make money trading this is the discord to be in. No sketchy pump and dumps. Just great information from traders who know what they are doing. I've made life changing money with what I have learned here.
Purchased Trading 3 months ago
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There are no refunds.
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Trading β€’ Stocks

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@Stockswingalert shares exclusive content and commentary of the market with a variety of other high profile traders and investors. VIP members will also gain exclusive access to real time trade alerts, weekly watch lists, personal strategies & analysis, fully detailed-theses on trades, technical & fundamental education, mentorship, and community support once joining.

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