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Using AI to gain an edge in any market🚀

MarketPredictor AI is a trading tool meant to help analyze charts for you so that you can gain an edge as a trader.

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Buy & Sell Chart Predictions
Our AI will print accurate buy & sell signals on any chart
Market Prediction Bands
Market Predictions Bands will show you if the market is currently oversold or overbought
Automatic Support & Resistance
Enable & adjust the sensitivity of automatic support & resistance levels
Notification Alerts
Set alerts to get notified whenever a buy or sell signal is printed for your specific chart
Take Profit & Stop Loss Levels
MarketPredictor can help you manage your risk properly by giving you price targets & stop loss levels for each trade
24/7 Support
Join our discord server for 24/7 support, we will answer all of your questions!
Customer Q&A

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Customer reviews
5 out of 5
(2 reviews)
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7 months ago
this is insane every trade has made me profit!!!
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7 months ago
Not only have I become profitable using this indicator, but I have also become a much more confident trader!
How do I set it up?
Setting up the MarketPredictor AI is a very simple process. After purchase, you will be able to immediately install the indicator by inputting your TradingView username under the perks section after purchase. Please make sure you are using the correct TradingView username.
Does it work with the free version of Tradingview?
Yes! It works perfectly with the free version of Tradingview, you do not need to purchase any tradingview subscription to use this indicator.
Which timeframes can I use it on?
You can use MarketPredictor on ANY time frame!
Which markets can I use MarketPredictor with?
You can use it on ANY market including stocks, crypto, forex, futures, CFD's, options etc.
What If I have problems receiving the indicator?
Although it is uncommon, if you don't receive the indicator after inputting your TradingView username, please open a support ticket in the support discord and we will be able to assist you right away.
About the seller
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2 reviews

MarketPredictor was founded by a team of full time day traders & computer programmers. Our goal is to change the way people trade by taking the guess work and uncertainty out of trading.

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