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Trading simplified.

Our intelligent and accurate algorithms turn complex charts into profitable plays, minimizing losses and maximizing profits

  • Gain access to MechaAlgo and MechaOscillator, our signature trading algorithms.
  • Access our community, filled with like-minded traders and top analysts providing profitable trades daily.
  • Be the first to test any of our beta indicators!
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MechaAlgo, MechaOscillator

Any Time, Any Market
Our indicators work with real time data on any market. Just make a free TradingView account and sign up with us today.
Our main tool will enable you to find more accurate entries and exits in any type of market.
Using our companion indicator along with our main tool will allow you to boost your overall understanding of any market.
All In One Trading Solution
Our feature packed indicators and premium Discord group ensure that we are the only trading service you will ever need.
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Customer reviews
5 out of 5
(8 reviews)
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3 months ago
Such an amazing product, has helped me get a jump on the markets.
Purchased MechaTrade (BETA ACCESS) 3 months ago
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3 months ago
goated trading server, the algo hits more than any other that i have used and the server is full of experienced trustworthy traders
Purchased MechaTrade (BETA ACCESS) 3 months ago
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3 months ago
Literally just clicked buy when it said buy and worked 7/8 times. lol great indicator
Purchased MechaTrade (BETA ACCESS) 3 months ago
Does this work on all time frames & markets?
Yes! MechaAlgo and MechaOscillator work on all markets including stocks, crypto, futures, indices, forex, currencies, and commodities along with all time frames as long as TradingView has it available. As for trading style, MechaTrade was built with all traders in mind. This means you can apply our indicators to any form of trading, and you can even blend our indicators in with your own strategies.
Is MechaTrade beginner friendly?
Between our informational Discord group and advanced trading tools, we believe that our product is extremely useful to any trader, regardless of their skill level. We also offer 24/7 support within our Discord, as well as tutorials on how to use MechaTrade and trade with it.
Will MechaTrade guarantee me profit?
Typically most MechaTrade users have found incredible success immediately after signing up for our product, but this may not be the case for everybody. While we truly believe that our product is the greatest on the market, we cannot guarantee that you will profit with any of our tools or resources. Everything we are was built from the ground up with traders in mind, and we have worked hard as a company to deliver excellence to the highest degree, but we cannot make any promises further than that.
What TradingView plan do I need?
The free TradingView plan is all you need to use our product, but you may want to upgrade in order to improve your overall TradingView experience.
What is your refund policy?
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Trading β€’ Trading Indicators

8 reviews

Our intelligent and accurate algorithms turn complex charts into profitable plays, minimizing losses and maximizing profits

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