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NPZ Trading

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Built by traders, for traders.

Become a VIP Member to get access to real-time break downs through our live sessions and signal rooms multiple times a day. Guided by the expertise of the signal callers, you'll participate in live sessions, where you can alongside them and witness their trading strategies in action. This unique opportunity lets you gain insight, ask questions, and learn from their experience as you make decisions in real time. Also so much more!

  • 18 Weekly Live Sessions!
  • Chart Break Downs!
  • Interviews!
  • Cold Signals!
  • Live Psychology Classes!
  • Giveaways
  • Chat and learn all day with the best community !
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Educational Content
Gain access to thousands of hours of educational content including: The NPZ Course, Seminar Recordings, and Livestreams.
Trading Signals
Joining our exclusive Discord/Telegram gives you access to live buy and sell alerts you can follow.
Live Classes
Trading psycholog, interviews with influential traders, and more. Join in for live classes in the NPZ Trading community.
Tune in for giveaways, prizes, and more.
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Customer reviews
5 out of 5
(16 reviews)
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3d ago
NPZ Trading is the best discord out here there isn't no other discord who hits 100 pips daily, with 4 zoom sessions everyday MON-FRI. NPZ is professional and looks out for their students not only in trading but in trading phycology as well. Sunday breakdowns are recorded and you learn so much tuning in to the calls with all the students in the VIP voice. There's no better place for a trader looking for other confluence a beginner trader looking to learn and take calls from experienced traders. By far the best family to be apart of.
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3d ago
I’ve been in their group 8 months completely new with no experience. I started with only my Edd check $900 I’m making more than union job I had thank you npz family 🤝 don’t be afraid to invest in the npz team !!!!!!!
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3d ago
The craziest community in the market !! There’s trading on every single session, So no matter where you are in the world or what time you work you can join and earn Money with the community. I joined two months ago and already withdrew over 4k from my funded.
How much money do I need to start ?
Nothing, here at NPZ we don't recommend you jump in with money, we recommend you come take your time and learn
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NPZ Trading
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Learn how to trade or just simply trade with us and take signals the NPZ way.

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