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Crypto Pattern Traders

(5 reviews)

Use Promo **NEWYEAR** for 50% off!! Crypto & Stock Trading Indicators that help identify potential top, bottoms, supply, demand & imbalance zones!!

Our Package Includes:

PT Order Block: Our top price action visual that will automatically populate bearish & bullish order blocks to help identify supply & demand zones.

PT FVG: Our Fair Value Gap indicator will automatically populate bearish & bullish imbalances which act like magnets causing price to retest the zones.

PT Trend Our Trend based indicator offers a visual that helps you exit and enter trends before they start or end.

PT RSx: A modified RSI with a proprietary algorithm that triggers different color when we are approaching a potential top & bottom.

PT MSTx: A modified Stochastic that was built around multi timeframes for scalps & swings with an added proprietary algorithm that triggers exhaustion & more.

Free Discord Community: Like minded individuals that help speed up the learning curve. Also, live streams are usually held when pivotal moves take place. There are endless hours of recorded content via videos which are in the discord library

There is a total of 10 indicators which were built around key levels, support & resistance, entries & exits as well as potential tops & bottoms. The trading tool suite comes with 10 unique indicators that were built to make it easier for you to trade with higher confluence & scan assets on the fly.

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Custom Tradingview Indicators
Access to the main 10 indicators in our suite that will give you an edge to further increase your ROI when in a trade
Educational Indicator Videos
Videos to further your trading knowledge on how to use the Indicator tool suite for both crypto & stock market
Monthly Recorded & Livestream
Recorded & livestream on high timeframe market conditions with detailed analysis using the Indicator Tool Suite
Trading Community
Learn how to use the indicators and apply them within the crypto, stock & fx market.
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Customer reviews
5 out of 5
(5 reviews)
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5 months ago
Discovering Pattern Traders has been a game-changer in my trading journey. Amidst a sea of online trading communities, Pattern Traders shines brightly with its unique blend of enthusiasm and expertise. The energy here is infectious, and the knowledge shared is top-notch, making the membership a smart investment for anyone serious about trading. They've developed incredibly intuitive and accurate indicators that have transformed my approach to technical analysis. But it's not just about the tools; it's the vibrant, collaborative spirit of the community that truly sets Pattern Traders apart. Engaging with seasoned professionals and exchanging ideas has been incredibly rewarding. As I approach my first significant market opportunity, I'm thrilled to be part of Pattern Traders – a community that's as passionate about trading success as I am.
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5 months ago
I have searched and been on many discords, but none have been like Pattern Traders. This is a very knowledgable community. They are talented and also want everyone to have success as well. The membership is very much worth the investment. This group has created some of the most accurate indicators to use when doing your TA. Not only do you get the indicators to help with TA. You also have a community to share your TA with and get professionals opinions as to the TA as well. If you are in search for a great place before the bull run. This is it!! This is my first Bull Run and I am VERY happy that I found Pattern Traders before the Bull Run.
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5 months ago
First of all the indicators are insane. They are super accurate and easy to understand. In the community Discord there is a channel where they have videos that explain all indicators and how to use them for different strategies like swing trades, scalping etc... Now the community is also really good. There are really smart traders that give good updates on the market and coins. If you have any questions you can ask in chat and will get a good answer fast.
Do we get a free trial to test this indicators?
Yes, you a 7 day free trial to test out the indicators before you are charged. Make sure you cancel before the 7 days so you are not charged!
Do we need tradingview account to use the indicators?
Yes! Without tradingview you can not test or use our indicators. Make sure you have a tradingview account that allows max indicators.
Do the indicators work for multiple markets or just crypto?
Our indicator suite was designed around crypto markets but can also be used across both the stock & FX markets. We currently have many members using them on various markets.
Does discord offer any trade setups or signals?
No, we do not offer any signals or trade setups. Only setups being posted are the ones being taken by our members or upper management.
Is this service suitable for beginners?
Absolutely, thats the point of the indicators. They find you areas of interest for entry & exits without needing to do any work. Let the indicators do all the work for you! You just add to your confluence.
About the seller
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Trading • Crypto

5 reviews

Driven by innovation and committed to elevating your trading experience, our company offers highly efficient and productive software solutions designed to banish confusion and provide trading clarity. Access our unique suite of 10 crucial indicators that offer you an unparalleled competitive edge in maximizing your return on investment. Stay updated with recorded and livestream content that provides high-timeframe market conditions and intricate analysis. Stay ahead with our comprehensive learning resources on how to utilize these indicators to their full potential, across markets like crypto, stock, and forex. We also offer valuable discussions on market conditions and trend favorability to mitigate associated risks. Our company's aim is to equip you with the tools necessary to cultivate an open-minded, proactive, and informed trading approach. A step into our trading world is a step towards trading knowledge, wisdom, and success.

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