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Trading MasterClass
This is the final trading class you will ever need. Pass any prop challenge with our easy-to-apply FX & CFD strategies.
Proof of Success
Our coaches have passed multiple challenges and amassed more than 500,000 USD in funding. See the certificates above!
No Need for Endless Screentime
Our custom ICT framework allows you to plan the whole day & week in advance. Set your alarms, then go live your life!
Discord Community
Direct access to our coaches and a professional, friendly community. Ask us anything. Accelerate your learning curve.
Frequent Webinars
In our webinars, we make sure to bring you maximum value! We work tirelessly to always keep you ahead of the curve.
Peak Performance Mindset
We'll make sure that you can execute our strategies flawlessly by coaching you on the mental game, as well.
Change. Your. Life.
A single funded account can turn your whole life around. We'll show you, how to get that account - right now.
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Customer reviews
5 out of 5
(19 reviews)
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5 months ago
Excellent course with fantastic videos. They also provide to students weekly live webinars where we discuss our questions and other interesting topics.
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5 months ago
Not just a course Lambos, Ferraris this year? Then continue looking for another course. Do you want to take your trade skills and yourself to a higher level? Then this course is a no brainer. I have already taken several courses, but this one is really next level and I have learned a lot of new things in a short time. I also recommend the VIP membership which includes the psychology webinars, it is often underestimated while that is one of the most important part of trading. What can you expect: A very extensive course in which you learn to trade using the ICT method. All the tools, techniques and help you need to develop your own personal strategy. Great support from coaches Constantin and Moritz. A very good discord channel/community. With an international group of like-minded people in which you can ask questions and both coaches are actively present and respond very quickly. In short, it is a fantastic course.
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5 months ago
Amazing course, very thorough on the techinal side plus significant focus on how to apply the knowledge, create processes, deal with psychology challenges etc. The creators are active and responsive in the forums/webinars, to answer questions, provide guidance etc. Moritz, Constantin, & Rolf are veterans in the industry with a track record of mentorship. Very hapy to be a part of this community!
Who Are My Mentors? How Can I Communicate With Them?
Your mentors are Constantin and Moritz, 2 German full-time traders with more than 25 years of combined experience. Constantin will teach you the ins and outs of his FX and Futures (CFD) trading strategies based on ICT concepts, and if you join the VIP package, additionally Moritz will make sure that you are always at the top of your game and execute our strategies flawlessly with weekly peak performance coaching and lessons. If you do not join the VIP package, you can of course still always talk to our mentors in the private Discord and ask them questions, just not during the webinars.
What Do I Learn in the Masterclass?
The Peak Traders MasterClass consists of more than 7 hours of videos & teaching material going from A to Z, leaving nothing out. This is our full approach to trading FX and Futures (CFD), nothing less. Plus an ever-growing webinar archive. If you join the VIP package, you will also receive an ever-growing archive of real weekly trade recaps, which is invaluable in itself, and you can interact directly with the mentors during the webinars.
What Will We Talk About in the Webinars?
In Constantin's webinars, we will go over trade recaps, prepare trading days and weeks, and answer any questions you might have. Additionally, in the VIP package, Moritz will present peak performance concepts and applicable tools to make sure you master the learning curve as quickly as possible, and as smoothly as possible. Because after all, a strategy is only as good as the trader deploying it.
I Have a Full Time Job, Are You Daytrading or Swingtrading?
Our concepts are fully applicable to both day- and swing trading. Constantin is primarily a day trader, so that's what our community will focus on mostly, as well. You can trade any session (Asian, London, New York), so the timezone you are in does not matter. We recommend having at least 1-2 hours per day of uninterrupted screen time, so you can analyze your charts and plan your trades. Additionally, a couple of hours on the weekend for trade logging and performance review are necessary. You can absolutely trade this style with a full-time job, but you need to be well organized - a skill you will learn in the VIP package performance mentoring.
Which Markets Do You Trade?
We trade mostly the FX Majors (EUR, USD, GBP), Gold, Oil, and various Stock Indices (GER40, US30, US100, US500). If you want to trade more or fewer instruments, that is totally fine. Our strategies apply to any FX pair, commodity, and stock index out there - but we recommend focusing on a few at first to maximize your learning curve! And just a couple of instruments will give you all the trading opportunities you need to pass any funding challenge and change your life.
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Peak Traders
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19 reviews

We are full-time FX & Futures (CFD) traders with more than 25 years of combined experience, dedicated to bringing the best standard of education to the industry and making you succeed. If YOU put in the work, WE will make sure to get you to the top. Let's do it!

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