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Prime Notify

(6 reviews)

Prime Notify Maximize your sneaker game with our premium discord service. Sneaker Info , Raffles, Detailed stock , 300+ monitors, and more!

Welcome to Prime Notify, your ultimate subscription group for reselling sneakers. We prioritize equipping you with the essential tools and resources crucial for success in the sneaker reselling game, all while ensuring an unparalleled experience at the most competitive price point. With a robust suite of features tailored to your needs, including early access information on Nike/SNKRS drops, in-store monitors, stock numbers, and fast, reliable monitoring across various platforms like Nike, SNKRS, Shopify, ASOS, and more, we've got you covered. Stay ahead of the game with our weekly releases calendar, comprehensive raffle information and links, and even explore alternative flips like Funko and beyond. Plus, enjoy access to premium group buys, ACO, giveaways, and much more. Join Prime Notify today and elevate your sneaker reselling game to new heights. All this for an initial price of €34.99 for 90 days. Start your sneaker journey now!

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We provide Analytical Stock Numbers (per Size) for every SNKRS Release
Shopify Monitors
You will get access to Fast and reliable Shopify Monitors. (EU and US filtered)
Raffle Monitors
Get notified for every single Raffle so you can maximise your chances
Gain exclusive access to advanced bots and scripts through our Groupbuys,a privilege only available within our community
Get access to exclusive giveaways (Sneakers, gift cards, discount codes, and many more.)
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Customer reviews
5 out of 5
(6 reviews)
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5 months ago
Its so good, the best CG for the price!! Every day you can earn some money
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6 months ago
I registered a month ago, in the first month I got the powerpuff girls, jarritos, protro 6 geinch and protro gift of mamba thanks to the group and luck
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7 months ago
I got this for 2 months now and made over 350,- profit!! Really good and well worth!
Why Choose Prime Notify?
We're not just another faceless organization; we're real people with a shared mission. As fellow sneaker enthusiasts, we've experienced the frustration of constantly losing out to bots in sneaker raffles. We felt the urge to take matters into our own hands and create a fair playing field for everyone. What sets Prime Notify apart is the unwavering commitment to its members' success. With relentless dedication, the team scours the internet for real-time sneaker news, restocks, and releases, ensuring that members receive alerts for every opportunity. But beyond that, they also equip their community with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the sneaker reselling world effectively. Prime Notify's team has cracked the code to bypass sneaker bots and secure retail wins consistently. They've tested and refined their strategies to ensure your success.
About the seller
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Prime Notify
Reselling • Sneakers

6 reviews

Prime Notify Our Story: In a world where sneaker enthusiasts faced a constant uphill battle against automated bots, a group of friends decided it was time for a change. United by their unwavering love for sneakers and their shared frustration with the ever-present bot problem, they set out on a journey to revolutionize the sneaker game. This is the story of Prime Notify - a tale of passion, unity, and victory in the sneaker world. As avid sneakerheads, the founders of Prime Notify were no strangers to the relentless race to cop the latest releases. Time and again, they found themselves on the losing end, missing out on highly sought-after kicks due to sneaker bots gobbling up the inventory within seconds. They knew they had to take action. It was during one casual conversation that the idea of Prime Notify was born. They envisioned a community where fellow sneaker enthusiasts could come together, share their experiences, and collectively combat the bot menace. The goal was simple: to create a level playing field where every member had a fair chance of copping their favorite sneakers at retail prices. Prime Notify became a thriving community of passionate sneaker lovers, each member driven by the shared aspiration to stand a chance against bots and emerge victorious on release days. Friendships formed, and collective knowledge flourished. Members freely shared tips, success stories, and valuable information, nurturing an environment of support and encouragement.

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