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Experienced team of sports bettors. No hyperbole, no empty promises - just a commitment to excellence in every pick, cheat sheet and podcast we share

Introducing Prop The Mic's Free Community on Discord - Your gateway to sports and player prop betting excellence!

👥 Inclusive and Interactive: Immerse yourself in a vibrant community of betting enthusiasts, where engagement is key. Our free section is not just about receiving our top plays of the day; it's a space to share thoughts, discuss strategies, and connect with like-minded individuals. Engage in the group chat, where you'll have the chance to interact with our team and fellow members.

📈 Insights at Your Fingertips: Get a taste of our analytical approach, discovering why we make specific picks and the reasoning behind our strategies. This is your entry point to experience the valuable insights our team provides through our podcast and plays of the day. It's an opportunity to learn and grow, laying the foundation for your journey into the world of sports betting.

💬 Chat with the Pros: Our team is here not just to share what they’re betting on, but to converse with you. Ask questions, seek advice, and engage in discussions about the latest games, player trends, and betting strategies. The free community chat is your direct line to the team, ensuring you're part of our experienced and supportive community.

⭐ Ready to Begin? Join the Free Community Now! Prop The Mic's Free Community is more than just a preview – it's an invitation to join a thriving community of sports betting enthusiasts. Elevate your betting knowledge, interact with the pros, and take the first step towards becoming a well-seasoned and successful bettor.

Don't miss out – join the Prop The Mic Free Community on Discord today!

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Top Plays of the Day
Write ups with detailed analysis for our top picks of the day
Cheat Sheets
Build your own parlays with our daily cheat sheets
Live Betting Tips
Get real-time advice and tips during games in our exclusive Discord channel.
Community of Experts
Team of sports betting experts covering multiple sports
Member Only Podcasts
Podcasts designed for members only with Q&A
Free Play of the Day
Access to a free play of the day with detailed write up
Customer Q&A
Q: Bom dia! Como funciona esse produto? É algo que ja vem pronto as dicas, poderia tirar minha duvida. Sou do Brasil
A: The VIP All Access gives you access to the PTM Discord where we post all of our top picks and daily cheat sheets to help you place your bets each day. Our primary focus is NFL, NBA, WNBA, but we also have picks for NHL & NCAAB. O VIP All Access dá acesso ao PTM Discord, onde publicamos todas as nossas principais escolhas e folhas de dicas diárias para ajudá-lo a fazer suas apostas todos os dias. Nosso foco principal é NFL, NBA, WNBA, mas também temos opções para NHL e NCAAB.
Asked on Feb 10, 2024
Customer reviews
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(10 reviews)
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1 month ago
Excellent data collection and presentation! Communication was clear and concise. Tracked all unit sizes and month PnL history! Great group to hangout with while watching a game !
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2 months ago
Arguably one of the best discords that I have ever been a part of. Super clean discord layout and very easy to access, even for the novice discord users. Whatever sport that you love, they have you covered with news, stats, and props to help you increase your bankroll immediately. They even run realtime giveaways where you can win cool items and even money! I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else! Best of all it’s a great low price for month to month access! What are you waiting for? Get here now!
User avatar
4 months ago
Prop The Mic VIP is by far one of the best discord top to bottom . If you’re looking for constant winning, amazing data and research, some of the best cappers in their sport, positive community interaction, and many more things. You name it, it’s top tier. If it’s not, it will be since they are open to suggestions and consistently improving. It’s quality, quality over quantity. The winning speaks for itself.
How do I gain access to the exclusive Discord channel after purchasing?
You will receive a link to join the Discord channel in your confirmation email after purchase.
How does the Discord channel enhance my betting experience?
You'll receive real-time tips, detailed pre-match analysis, and can participate in expert Q&As.
What sports do your betting experts cover?
Our team covers multiple sports including football, basketball, baseball, and will be adding soccer and tennis in the near future.
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Prop The Mic
Sports Picks • NBA

10 reviews

Introducing Prop The Mic VIP All-Access: Your Premier Sports and Player Prop Betting Service on Discord! 🔍 Uncover the True Art of Betting: At Prop The Mic, we've crafted a VIP experience that transcends the ordinary. Our team of handicappers and contributors is not just passionate; we are analytical, measured, dialed-in, and above all, experienced. No hyperbole, no empty promises – just a commitment to excellence in every pick, cheat sheet and podcast we share. 📊 Expertise Beyond Measure: Our approach is grounded in calculated analysis and time-tested experience. We understand the intricacies of sports and player prop betting, and we're here to guide you through the journey. With a meticulous eye for detail, we provide insights that go beyond the surface, ensuring you make informed decisions rather than blind bets. 💡 Learn, Grow, Win: Prop The Mic is not just about delivering picks; it's about empowering our members to become successful, independent bettors. We believe in transparency, providing you with the reasoning behind each pick. Our methodical analysis is a valuable learning experience, helping you grasp the nuances of sports betting. 🎓 Tools for Success: We take pride in arming you with the tools needed for long-term profitability. Through our partnership with props.cash, we provide access to cutting-edge resources that amplify your chances of success. Learn how to navigate these tools with our guidance and elevate your sports betting game. 🤝 Join a Community of Winners: At Prop The Mic, we're not just a betting service; we're a community of like-minded individuals striving for success. Engage with fellow members, share insights, and grow together. Our Discord community is your space to connect, learn, and celebrate victories. Ready to level up your sports betting game? Join Prop The Mic VIP All-Access now and witness the difference expertise, transparency, and community can make in your journey to becoming a profitable sports bettor!

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