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We do the research, you get the picks.

Try it out for the price of a cup of coffee ☕️

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We do the studying
Our sports betting professors study these markets every single day so YOU 🫵 don’t have to.
Our previous records
In the 23’-24’ NHL season our team has been able to achieve unthinkable numbers. We achieved 83-21 in the first month.
Friendly community
This server is not just a sports betting platform, it taps into hockey debates such as possible trades, fantasy etc.
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5 out of 5
(2 reviews)
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6 months ago
Seems premium group is on fire , would want to try and dont miss out.
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8 months ago
They were super transparent about their wins and losses, first bet I made already cashed 💵
What types of sports betting tips will I find in the Discord server?
You'll find daily tips from our expert professors, focusing on the NHL season and incorporating fantasy & trade debates.
Does your Discord server offer advice on other sports or just hockey?
Our Discord server primarily focuses on hockey, including sports betting and fantasy discussions.
What is the primary benefit of joining your Discord server?
Our Discord server offers expert insights on sports betting and a platform for engaging hockey debates.
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Puck Picks
Sports Picks • NHL

2 reviews

Our business revolves around providing you with a high-quality, interactive and resource-rich discord server tailored for sports enthusiasts. Placing a special emphasis on sports betting, our skilled team commits their time analyzing the markets daily, saving you the hassle and providing accurate insights. Our notable achievements include an impressive betting record in the '23-'24 NHL season. Besides betting, our platform cultivates an engaging community for robust discussions about hockey, from potential trades to fantasy sports. Join us as we revolutionize the sports experience through digital communication and community building. *we are not responsible for any losses or irresponsible gambling* Refunds available if approved by owner.

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