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I provide high quality trading content to develop new traders into professional traders.

Unlock the potential of the financial markets and delve into the dynamic world of options trading with our comprehensive course - "Mastering Options Trading." Designed for both beginners and seasoned traders alike, this course equips you with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the complexities of option trading effectively.

Led by a seasoned professional in the field, this course is structured to provide you with a thorough understanding of various option types, their intricacies, and the strategies employed to maximize profits while minimizing risks. Whether you're looking to hedge your portfolio, generate additional income, or speculate on market movements, mastering options trading is essential for achieving your financial goals.

Key topics covered in the course include:

Introduction to Options: Gain a solid foundation by understanding the fundamentals of options trading, including terminology, mechanics, and market dynamics.

Types of Options: Explore the various types of options available, including calls, puts, American options.

Buying and Selling Options: Master the art of buying and selling options strategically, including choosing the right strike price, expiration date, and contract size.

Risk Management: Understand how to manage risk effectively in options trading, including position sizing, setting stop-loss orders, and using hedging techniques.

Practical Application: Apply your knowledge through real-world case studies, simulations, and hands-on exercises to sharpen your skills and build confidence in your trading abilities.

Whether you're a novice trader looking to embark on your options trading journey or an experienced investor seeking to refine your skills, our "Mastering Options Trading" course provides you with the expertise and insights needed to succeed in today's dynamic financial markets. Join us and take the first step towards unlocking the full potential of options trading.

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2 months ago
Excellent value - he does a great job of explaining the whole process well. You may have to watch the videos a couple of times but it's worth it. Combined with Market Profile this is an excellent strategy and he knows what he is talking about really well. Thanks!
Do I get automatic access when subscribe?
Will I learn technical and fundamental analysis?
Will I be taught directly by the trader?
Yes, you will. No third parties are involved
Are you profitable?
Yes, I show my annual returns which is in excess of 60% this year. Transparency is my corner stone
Will I see some of your trades and trade ideas?
I regularly post in the Free Discord my Option sales (Premium seller) every week and my trade ideas across other markets.
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School Of Investng
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Trading community run by a 15 year + Veteran in trading and investing. Join the free Discord to learn more about me. https://discord.gg/e3fwHdfWDC I started this community in 2018 on Discord which has over 1000 members and has supported many individuals in their trading journey.

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