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Crypto Trading Community

As a War Room member, you'll receive everything in Insiders, plus full access to the entire server, including live classes, class content, and learning material. You'll be able to learn directly from our experts and gain the knowledge and skills you need to become a true trading expert yourself. This tier is perfect for those who want to take their trading to the highest level and gain access to the most powerful resources available.

  • Full Server Access
  • Live Classes
  • Class Material
  • Recorded Classes
  • All Around Access To Everything We Offer
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War Room

Real Time Trades & Analysis
Gain access to real time alerts from our analysts.
24/7 Trading Chatroom
Gain access to our trading chatroom. Exchange with members about trades, share charts, and get feedback!
Live Classes & Trading
Gain access to our live classes and trading sessions. Always scheduled and always a good moment to learn.
Spot Portfolio & Idea Journal
Learn to make solid investments and understand the fundamentals of trading and market analysis.
Daily Watchlist
Gain access to our Daily Watchlist with Breakout Levels and Take Profits helping you trade the market every day.
Weekly Watchlist
23 Page Weekly Watchlist posted every Sunday with Technical Analysis helping you to prepare for the week!
Tools for Market Analysis
Gain access to a channel full of useful website for market analysis, curated by our team.
Live Classes
Gain access to Weekly Live Classes & Expert Recordings. Elevate your expertise, anywhere and anytime.
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Customer reviews
4.79 out of 5
(14 reviews)
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a month ago
Started off well, community is great. good place to learn how to trade. Do not join if you want to blindly follow calls as it will end in loss. KJ did a promo where if 10 people left a review on Whop he would start a Vault on Hyperliquid (copy trading essentially, put money in to vault and he can trade with your funds, you can withdraw any time.) Started off well in major profits but then he proceeded to get liquidated on high risk trades on multiple occasions losing 39k of discord members money, while his personal risk was under 1k, then went MIA for a while before coming back and forgetting about it. As one of the leaders of the discord I found the way this was handled was very unprofessional. More recently half the discord lost their entire accounts following Emans positions (including Eman) as he had too many open at highs and the market dumped. The discord was a ghost town for a while after this. Risk management is preached but not always followed. The other analysts are not as active in the community and not really respected. If you join to learn to trade on your own and be a part of a community of like minded traders who will answers questions and give trade ideas then its a great discord. Only leaving this 2 star review to shine some light on the negatives I witnessed and aren't talked about and because It became a very expensive venture.
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7 months ago
It is a great place to learn, discuss, and earn money. I highly recommend this group.
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7 months ago
This might probably be the best deal you could get anywhere. The content is very deep and well organized. Their calls have a very high rate of winning. There’s no premium member in this group who is not making money out of those insane calls. Incredibly good learning material too, as well as frequent live classes with live FAQ. I am very, very pleased.
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Secret Money Trading
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14 reviews

At Secret Money, we are dedicated to empowering individuals with knowledge and mentorship to become the best traders.

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